Nate-ism #16.

Nate was making some delicious oatmeal cream pies (have I mentioned that boy can cook?!) and the recipe called for "2 whole eggs".

Nathan: 2 WHOLE eggs? Like the shell included???


I just needed to give a little praise to someone who deserves it and doesn't get it nearly enough.
     He is the sweetest, funniest, greatest husband and the sweetest, funniest, greatest dad to Spencer.
I just read a line from the current book I'm reading (The Shoemaker's Wife, totally recommend it and I'm only halfway through), "a father is the person who teaches a son to be brave, to do the right thing." And it made me think of how awesome Nate is to Spencer. He loves that boy a ton and is so excited to teach him everything and be his best friend.
     They already have such a sweet relationship, Spence definitely knows who his dad is. After spending all day with me if he's grumpy or cranky and Nate comes home and holds him he just calms down and will stare at Nate. And every Sunday Nate takes him while I go to YW and he almost always gets him to sleep or at least to be content.
     Nate has also been really great about letting me get some sleep the last few nights. Usually Spencer is an awesome sleeper but the last 3 nights he has not been! He doesn't want to go to bed till 1 or 2am and then he only wants to sleep for an hour at a time. It has been rough but Nate has stayed up till 1 with him and let me get a little sleep and it is very much appreciated!
     We are just loving having this little pipsqueak!

I just realized all these pictures are from at least a month ago if not longer...I need to take more pictures.


We are so lucky we got to be some of the first to meet baby Elizabeth!
She made me realize how big my baby is.
He is definitely not a newborn anymore!
She is adorable and I loved holding her. :) 
Any day there will be another one and that will make 3 in just over 3 months!
I can't wait to get all these Moeller grandbabies together!

And did I mention we got SNOW?!

Last thing. I guess Nate is supposed to help shovel the sidewalks at the church when it snows but only if somebody asks him. Well somehow his phone number in the directory got changed so on Sunday some guy was trying to straighten things out. Turns out he had texted what he thought was Nate asking him if he was willing to come shovel the snow at the church. The person on the other end replied, "not coming, it hasn't snowed in Tucson in years."

Month 3- a quarter of a year!

February 16, 2014
This baby is ALREADY 3 months old???
How did that happen? I swear just last week we were bringing him home from the hospital! And then just yesterday we were celebrating his first Christmas and he was barely a month old!
I know 3 months is not that old, but it means in 3 more months he will be 6 months old!
And in 9 months he will be 1!
I know EVERY parent says it, but time is going so so fast!
He is definitely not a newborn anymore...
But I will say I am loving how much more interactive he is becoming.
He is smiling more and more and trying so hard to laugh and giggle but so far has only successfully completed that in his sleep.
He also does NOT like to be held like a baby (laying down) anymore! He wants to always be sitting or standing so he can see what's going on. He is getting very strong and tries SO hard to sit up when he's laying down. He can get himself up onto his elbows but doesn't quite have it figured out how to get up the rest of the way, or how to not fall over. But he wants to really bad!
He has started getting more vocal, mainly when he's frustrated that he can't sit up. But sometimes he will coo and 'talk' just to talk. He is especially moan-y and talk-y when he is nursing. Goofy kid.
For 2 weeks in a row he had blowouts as soon as we walked into sacrament meeting. You would think I would have learned from the first one to always carry a spare outfit, but I didn't and Nate had to drive home and change him both times.
My least favorite thing is that he has started projectile-spitting up a TON. Usually about an hour after he eats he would just project large amounts of clear/white liquid. On Sunday, February 9 it was especially bad. He puked a ton all over the kitchen floor and then got extremely pale and lethargic. When I grabbed him out of Nate's arms he had puke all over his face, his eyelids had turned purple, and he was very clammy.
We called the doc and they didn't seem too worried about it since he wasn't running a fever but we did take him in the next day just to be cautious. Nothing helpful was determined by this appointment so we've been watching him closely and so far that has not happened again. But while we were at the doc they weighed him and he was 13.5 lbs. He has gained 2 pounds in a month! What a chunk!
I think it's safe to say we will not have to fight taking away the binky when he gets older because I have given up on it completely. But he has started loving sucking on his hands or my hands!
He is starting to fit into more 3-6 month clothes rather than 0-3, and he was doing 4-5 hour naps during the day, and 5-6 hour stretches in his own bed up until a few nights ago. But the last few days and nights he's been awful!! He will only nap for 20 minutes tops and ONLY if I am holding him and being completely still.
Oh, and he eats like a maniac and would eat all day everyday if I let him. But overall he's pretty happy to just hang out and we love hanging out with him!
We love this kid and can't wait till we live closer to family so we can share him with them! He is so fun and really really cute! ;)

p.s. to the grandparents, we have lots of video clips of him on our video camera...but we can't get them off the camera and onto the computer!!! (I am beginning to think our computer operating systems are just too out of date and we need to buy an updated computer)

Happy Valentine's Day!

How I thought we'd spend Valentine's Day...
modeling a bow I made for his cousin Elizabeth.

How we really spent Valentine's Day...
peeing all over mom and getting washed in the tub!

Spencer's baby blessing- Trip to Boise-the final segment.

January 19, 2014
     The whole purpose for our trip to Boise was for one purpose, (besides eating maple bars and seeing our family) to have Spencer's baby blessing! I just really wanted family standing in that circle and Nate and I could think of 1, maybe 2 people we would have wanted if we did in Waynesboro. In Boise we had Nate, his dad and brother Aaron, my dad, my brother in law and my brother. Pretty powerful circle I thought.
     I had been asking Nate for weeks in advance if he was nervous and he kept saying "not yet." Which surprised me because if there's one thing I love about him it's his tender, emotional side (it's safe to say he cries as much if not more than me :) and I love him for it). That morning I asked him if he was nervous and he said maybe a little but not too bad. I was mostly nervous that our Spencer-baby wouldn't cooperate and would scream the whole time, which almost happened.
     Spence pretty much cried up until sacrament started and thankfully fell asleep shortly thereafter. As we sat down I leaned over to Nate and said, "I haven't been this emotional since I gave birth!" my eyes were already beginning to water. Apparently that was something I was NOT supposed to say.
     The blessing went perfectly and I had my other little brother help me write down the things Nate said because I knew I wouldn't get everything. Nate gave a very sweet blessing to our boy and we both cried through it all (my fault, I made him cry because I told him I was emotional). Nate blessed him that he would be a man of faith, he would be an example to his peers and brothers & sisters, he was blessed that he would seek after knowledge and have a desire to learn. It was such a perfect blessing for our boy, short and so sweet.
     Afterward, Nate told me he was doing just fine until I told him I was teary eyed and feeling emotional, he said that did him in and there was no way he was going to keep from crying after that comment. Sorry Nate, I didn't mean to affect you, I just wanted you to know how I was feeling! I got a little flack from everyone for that, I know better for next time.
     My only regret from the day, I wish I would have thought to get pictures!! We took one of our little family but I wish we had got one with my parents and Nate's parents. And especially one with Spencer, Nate, and Ken...but things were so crazy once we got home from church that it didn't even cross my mind or anyone else's I guess.
these boys are my best friends and I love them!

And then came Nate-ism #15.

An ongoing joke between me, Nate, and unbeknownst to him, his brother Jake. to see how long it takes him to acknowledge Spencer. We have told him the stats at birth, announced he was here, sent him pictures and Christmas card featuring Spencer, and usually mention his growth, so he knows Spencer exists, has just never made any mention of him. Well he happened to acknowledge another baby in the family and Nate and I were talking about this and looking at Spencer Nate says, "I guess we know who the least favorite uncle is, Aaron."

A SCARY Nate-ism #14.

Earlier this evening while Nate was at work I was making crazy noises at Spencer which would startle him. His eyes would get huge and bug out and he looked awful cute.
When Nate got home I was telling him about this and how I was trying to catch it on video.
Spencer was sitting in his bouncy seat so I bent down and made a weird noise at him to see if he would make his cute almost-scared-face. He had no reaction.
So Nate bends down and SCREAMS AHHHHHWAAAHHAWA!!!! right in poor Spencer's face! Spencer's eyes got big and he let out a big cry, took a deep breath, was silent much longer than usual, turned bright red, and then let out the BIGGEST cry! It was so sad, and also kind of hilarious...way to go dad! :)
yes, I realize we are the meanest parents ever.