1st Doctor visit.

Today was our first prenatal appointment! Until now I have been in a little bit of denial that I am actually pregnant (not a negative thing, I'm just having a hard time wrapping my brain around that fact that we are going to have a baby pretty darn soon!).
I was seen by a midwife which was neat and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat!! It was so surreal and Nate and I were both holding back tears...we are wimps!!!!
The midwife agreed that I am 11 1/2 weeks. She said they usually do 2 1st trimester apts but since I was already almost done with my 1st and she didn't want to make me come back next week, that they would just do all my bloodwork tests this appointment, I appreciated that even though I do not love being poked with needles.
I really liked the staff, and especially liked when they realized Steve was my dad and NOT my husband:)
Our next appointment is May 28 and we will see an MD and I THINK get an ultrasound? They didn't specify that part but I am excited for that appointment because the doctor will hopefully put some of my kidney worries to rest so Nate and I can both relax a little.

6 months.

Saturday April 20 was our 6 month anniversary! Wahoo! It seems like such a long time at this point (ha). It was a pretty low key day and we did nothing to celebrate since we saw each other for about 2 minutes the entire day.
Highlights of our 6 months include:
- Nate had surgery on his foot 3 weeks after we get married.
- We spent 9 days of December in Florida/cruising the Bahamas!
- I got laid off but still worked 3 days a week (what?).
- Nate got a job across the country.
- We moved from Layton, UT to Waynesboro, PA.
- March 19 we found out we are gonna be parents!
Pregnancy update:
     According to all the calculators I have done I am 10 weeks and 2 days (I have my first appointment next Tuesday so we'll see if they agree). I was feeling alright up until Friday night when I had my first run in with the toilet. Saturday I stayed on the couch feeling nauseous all day long. I slept incredibly terrible Saturday night waking up freezing cold and feeling miserable about every hour. And today was by far the worst I have felt! I stayed in bed trying to sleep all morning until I tried to eat a bite of a nutri grain bar for breakfast and had to make a fast break to the bathroom. I spent the rest of today curled up in bed just feeling completely miserable and like I was going lose it at any second. I had no appetite and even water had a hard time staying down.
     Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and was so miserable I just needed to cry to my mom who sympathized with me and made me feel better. Almost immediately after talking to my mom I made Nate run and get me some gatorade and bagel bites because I suddenly had an appetite! I texted my mom and told her the only medicine I needed was talking to her to which she replied "well we did just pray for you". And I of course started bawling and feeling soooo grateful I have such a great family because I really couldn't take the sickness much longer. So tonight I am feeling so thankful for prayer and for my awesome family, and for them together helping me to feel better! Now if it could just continue 1 more day so I can get to Florida that would be great!!

Exploding tire.

A few nights ago we were just laying in bed talking when we heard this loud pop and then a fast hiss like air escaping. We immediately got up and started looking around for what it could possibly be! Nate's bike was sitting on the couch with only one tire (the other was still in the truck from his last bike ride...lazy boy) not his tire. My bike was in the kitchen behind the table where it has sat for a week since Nate replaced both tires. The back tire was completely flat!! It was the weirdest thing ever! There was no sudden change in temperature, it wasn't recently pumped too full. Like I said it had been sitting in the same place for a week with brand new tubes and somehow the back tire just exploded! It was a little scary at first until we realized that all it was, but still a little odd if you ask me!


     We got invited over for dinner tonight by another couple in the ward. We had such a great time getting to know them better and playing with their little boy. Let me just tell you that they made the most delicious hamburgers I have ever had in my life. I was asked to bring dessert so I tried making my mom's angel food cake and it did not disappoint (except it didn't look as pretty as hers, frosting it was a bit of a challenge). Anyway, I was really happy with the way it turned out and even happier that everyone enjoyed it and happiest when they asked if they could keep an extra slice to enjoy later on:) You bet! So thank you to the Stewart's for having us over!
     A funny story from the night I wanted to mention though. Eventually the topic of having children came up and because I figured she may have some suggestions on doctors we went ahead and told them I was pregnant (and yes she did have a very good recommendation). She then said "I wondered! I saw you eating a granola bad on Sunday and I thought, she better be pregnant because I hate when people who aren't pregnant eat in church!" It was the funniest thing! And then she just said she doesn't know why it bothers her so much but she doesn't like when people who aren't pregnant eat in church! I thought it was so funny that she had even noticed! I waited till sacrament was over and then tried to just scarf one down really fast before anyone could see, and I was in the very very back, but there was no way I could have made it 3 hours without eating...I can barely make it 20 minutes, it's the worst! So she was happy to know that she didn't have to judge me and we all got a good laugh out of it and hopefully a good doctor as well because she and another lady had great things to say so we will see! Random fact, the wife is from Gainsville, FL (and hte husband from Twin Falls).
     Speaking of Florida, Nate tried to warn my sister about all my pregnancy issues before I leave Monday, but he told me he didn't get through all of them so Katie, here's what you're in for:
- I need a bathroom break at least every hour.
- I don't do well in the car for long amounts of time, it makes me nauseous (oops...).
- I have to eat something about every half hour (I'm bringing lots of snacks).
- I feel the crappiest in the morning when I first wake up and eat.
- I eat enough for at least 3 people.
- I am very sensitive to smells, they make me nauseous.
- I have very bad insomnia and get an average of 5 hours of sleep a night so I can be grouchy.
- I like to sit down a lot.
and...that all I can think of right now. It sounds like you're going to have 3 kids for the week:) But I'm hoping the sunshine and being active will help with most of these and I will do the best I can! It might be a loooong week but I can't wait.
     Oh, and today I officially had my first pregnancy puke. And I could have done without it.

   And one last thing. Nate ate the remaining strawberry whipped cream frosting on a piece of toast...what??

A Nate-ism.

Last night Nate was talking to his mom telling her how he was going to take the delinquent kids at work on a hike today. There conversation went something like this:
Pam (asking about the other staff members going): are they armed?
Nate (completely serious): well, they HAVE arms?

hahaha oh brother, I could not pull it together and had to leave the room because I was snorting and laughing SO loud.


I have nothing exciting to report, I just figured it had been a while so I would give a small update:
     Nate's enjoying his job more and more everyday. He gets his first paycheck tomorrow and we are very anxiously awaiting that! He had last Sunday off which was awesome for me because I got to hang out with him all day, and awesome for him because he got to watch general conference! He also got the late shift today so he made it to church for a change and that was awesome for both of us.
   This week we also bought a new couch (technically loveseat) and it folds out into a bed so now we can have visitors!
     I think by now everyone who reads this is aware of the bun in this oven. We spilled the beans a little early but we tried just telling our families and because I'm a bad secret keeper pretty soon most people knew anyway so now this is the official announcement...baby Moeller should arrive sometime in November. 
     I have been feeling up and down all week. Usually I feel the best in the afternoons. I have been trying to walk 30 min a day and have succeeded for 1 consecutive day:) I also tried a little beginners yoga and oh my gosh that was hard! I lasted about 10 minutes and then just got mad and felt crappy so I quit. On days where I feel crappy most of the day I don't shower. The above picture is proof of how scary that can be. 
     I have had really bad insomnia this week. I have been going to bed about 11-11:30 and I usually don't fall asleep until between 1 and 2am. It has got to be the most obnoxious thing ever!!! Then I wake up every 20 minutes and it takes me another hour or two to fall asleep again! I have tried everything I can think  of! Listening to calming music (made it through the whole cd), I've tried watching tv, and I even tried listening to the scriptures and made it through 7 chapters. Last night was the longest stretch I've had in nights. I made it from 2am-7am which was awesome! I thought after a few nights I'd be so tired that I would just automatically sleep and boy was I wrong. When I wake up I am WIDE awake. I hope this is just a phase that will end soon!
     Another thing I'm already noticing is my love of carbs. All I ever want to eat are carbs. Pasta, pizza, tortillas, bagels these are my favorites at the moment. I have eaten Taco Bell 3 times in the last week (and it's 15 miles just to get there). I've noticed I feel the best when I'm constantly eating, if i go more than an hour without eating my stomach is so loud and starved that it makes me feel awful!
     I'm also VERY sensitive to smells right now. And EVERYTHING smells awful. I have every door and window of our house open all day long trying to air it out because there is some hideous odor leaking up from the basement and it makes me feel the worst! We bought air fresheners and after a day of them I had to put them away because they weren't any better.
     Although I haven't actually thrown up yet, I would still consider myself to have 'morning sickness' and I am hoping I start feeling better in May! Nate is really hoping so too because I have completely neglected all housework and it is a disaster but he's done a great job of trying to take care of everything!
     I am looking forward to going to Florida next week simply for the fact that I will have something to do every day when I get up and I think right now I need that motivation because not doing anything is adding to my feeling crappy. And I'm just excited to see my nephews and hang out with my sister!
     On a funny side note, today at church during sacrament I was not feeling well at all so I went to the bathroom. I ended up just sitting in there for quite a while not sure if I was going to throw up or what. Well apparently I sat there for so long the motion sensing lights turned off and it was completely black! I could not even find the lock on the door to get out of the stall! After 30 second of struggling in complete darkness I found it and opening the door triggered the lights back on. After my panic attack I thought it was pretty funny!
   And just for fun here's a picture of Nate trying to do pregnancy yoga...on the couch. 
You're doing it wrong!

Easter 2013.

For Easter this year we got invited to 2 different houses from familys in our ward. Since they happened to live fairly close to each other they decided to just combine and have one big Easter dinner, so we ended up going to the Bishop's house. It was actually a really good time and there were a few other younger families there as well so it was nice to get to know them as well.
They of course told me I didn't need to bring anything unless there was something "traditional" that I would miss. I decided I would try my hand at my grandma Joyce's rainbow jello since she made that for EVERY holiday ever and even the adults enjoyed it!
It was actually a big hit and I got a lot of compliments on it. And of course dinner itself was delicious! We had ham, potatoes, salad, rolls, asparagus, and for dessert my FAVORITE...strawberry shortcake, delicious!
And of course, we really appreciated the hospitality and kindness of our ward members! We had so much fun we ended up staying there just talking for hours! It was a fantastic Easter and I'm really proud of how my jello turned out...grandma would be proud!