May was a fun month for us!

It started out with me, Spencer, Katie and 3 of her boys running/walking in the Tutu run on a cold, rainy Saturday. Most of the little boys started out walking/running but about a mile in Ev and Spence hopped in the stroller and I pushed them the rest of the 5k while Katie ran with Lincoln and Porter. A few women cheered me on as they passed me pushing the double stroller. At the end one of them even came up to me and said, "I didn't realize you were pregnant AND pushing that stroller, now I'm even more impressed!" I thought that was sweet, and a little bit funny.

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Washington with Nate's sister and family. We checked out their cute little town, saw the grizzly bears on campus, walked around some cute parks, ate like kings thanks to the wonderful hosts, explored the empty land behind their house, and even drove up to northern Idaho to go to Silverwood! It was so fun to hang out with them for the weekend and Spencer was in heaven playing with his cousin Lizzy and all her toys!

We thought Silverwood was super fun, even though it was a bit of a cool day. But the lines were mostly short and I think Lizzy and Spencer rode every ride they were tall enough for! After a while Nate got a little frustrated that he had to go on every ride with Spencer since pregnant women were banned from every ride. The log ride was the only time I got a little sad I couldn't go. It's always been my favorite!

After 2.5 years of living here we finally painted our front door, even though I forgot to take a before picture. A fun piece of information is that we painted it the same color as our best friends from Waynesboro (thanks, Paige!).

We also had a fun little BBQ with our good friends the Ashtons. They made us bomb teriyaki hamburgers and then had a fire to roast s'mores!

We tried to go to the zoo with some friends but it was crazy busy and none of us wanted to fight the crowds so instead we drove over to the MK Nature Center and then played at the park next door and had a picnic, way more fun I thought! And we even saw a brand new fawn that the employees figured had just been born early that morning.

And here's some random May pictures and random May Spencer stories/quotes:

May 7
Today at church one of the 3 year olds asked me, "umm, why is your belly so fat?!"

32 weeks pregnant.

May 2
putting Spencer to bed tonight I told him, "Thanks for picking me to be your mom Spence, I sure love you!" To which he replied, "Thanks for picking me to be your son"

May 16
Spencer told me my bubble bath smells like T-Rex breath (he would know).

May 18
Me: Spence you wanna wear your big brother shirt today?
Spencer: Yeah! Are you gonna wear your BIG mom shirt?!

May 24
Nate was out of town for 3 days and here's what happened:
- the deep freezer with 100+ lbs of meat died at 9pm and I had to load up all the meat and take it to my parents/grandpas so it didnt go bad
- the 3 yr old throws an epic tantrum when we have to go home because its 1030pm. When I tell him if he acts like that when when Birthday Cake gets here, he won't be be able to be around him, he says, "But I want to! I just love him already!" 
Now how can I stay mad at that?!

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