April started off with Spencer participating in his first Home Depot workshop building a wooden Easter bunny box. It was crazy busy, but we had fun and it was super cute watching him and Nate work together to hammer the nails, paint, and put stickers on.

By now our weather was inconsistently nice so when we had sunny days we were at the park soaking it up! Conference weekend was nice, but windy so we took Spencer's kite to the park to try it out.

We also made it out to the Lake Owyhee Glory Hole after church one Sunday. It was cool but a little bit scary too. And the drop down the side of the dam was frightening!

One of the last weekends, Nate had a group meeting for a class ALL DAY Saturday so Spencer and I drove up to Lucky Peak to check out the Rooster Tail that only spouts water for a limited time during exceptionally high water years. It took us like 2 hours to get through the traffic of the driving tour, but it was neat to see. Just wish we'd have had a chance to park and get out and walk around.

Our free bowling passes started at the end of April. We've already been a few times and generally take my nephews with us. Spencer could care less about actually bowling and just likes to "play" the arcade games. Turns out I'm the worst bowler out of all the little boys and I usually lose to all 3 of them. My goal is to break 100 before the summer's over! In my defense, they get bumpers and I don't ;)

And here's just a crazy picture of our crazy boy with crazy hair before his summer haircut.