Here it is almost June and I am way behind!! Figured I'd better catch up before baby Birthday Cake gets here or I might never get to it!

So here's our March recap.

Nate was sick for like a week and after going to the doctor we discovered he had a sinus infection and almost a double ear infection. After taking almost a whole round of Amoxicillin, he broke out in head to toe hives for 3-4 days. Its still up for debate whether the hives came from the medicine or the black walnut tree he cut down in the rain, but I think its safe to say he will not be taking Amoxicillin ever again just to be safe.

One weekend we also took a little day drive down to Twin to check out Shoshone Falls since we heard it was running at its highest in like 20 years. It was definitely the most impressive I'd seen and minus the traffic to get down the canyon, it was enjoyable! Afterward we even stopped for a pizza buffet which of course made it even more worth the trip.

my glamour shot ;)

And now for some Nate and Spencer moments:
March 16
Nate said to me, "you look like your sister when she was 9 months pregnant" (I was 5..thanks Nate, ha)

March 18
The other night Spencer said to me and Nate, "you are the best girl and Nate in the world!" I asked if he meant we were the best parents to which he said "yeah, parents!"

March 23
We were at church and I was talking to a friend who'd recently had a baby boy. Spence ran up to me and looked at the baby in the car seat and excitedly asked me, "mom, did your baby pop out?!"

One Saturday I went with my mom and her friends to watch the play Dirty Dancing at the Morrison Center. Nate was in charge of Spencer so naturally he took him to the Sportsman's Expo at the fairgrounds where they hung out for quite a while! At one point Nate said he was carrying Spencer on his shoulders while Spencer ate a lollipop. A guy with a cup of beer walked by at exactly the wrong second that Spencer dropped his sucker. Nate heard a 'plop' as the sucker landed perfectly in the guys cup. Luckily he was a good sport and just laughed and said, "he's probably not gonna want that back."

March 24
Nate was joking about sitting on me when Spencer pipes up, "Nater, you can't sit on mom because you're too fat and will KILL her!!"