February was pretty exciting for us as we found out baby #2 is another boy!!! To say we were surprised is an understatement! We were all convinced it was a baby sister! But alas, he makes grandson #6 on the Oakes side and we couldn't be more thrilled, just surprised! Reasons for believing he was a she:

  • Spencer was certain
  • not nearly as sick
  • cravings were totally different
  • broke out badly
  • and some other reasons I can't think of right now

We played lots of pickleball which meant Spencer got to hang out with his cousins a whole bunch. He also memorized the 2nd Article of Faith for primary and then when the time came for him to stand up in front of the primary and recite it, he did it all by himself (twice) with no prompting or help whatsoever. It was adorable and I was so proud and teary eyed!!

21 weeks!

Spencer stories:Last nights conversation with Spencer...
Me: tomorrow we'll find out if you're gonna have a baby brother or sister! What should we name it if it's a sister?
Spencer: um, birthday cake!
Me: and if it's a brother?
Spencer: smoke stack!

Feb 17 - So last week our garage door jammed and broke. Like a good husband, Nate asked me if I had a house key before he left the next day. I was sure I did. Well after being gone all day me and Spencer came home and learned that I had a house key...to my parents house! The broken garage was locked and so was the back sliding glass door. I have hated the fact that we have a dog door ever since we moved in...until the day I sent my 3 year old in through the dog door to unlock the sliding glass door and let me in.


I already talked about the rest of our Arizona trip and trip home which occurred at the very beginning of January, and beyond that not much happened. Nate started what was supposed to be his last semester of grad school, but thanks to Boise State the're gonna drag it into the summer with one last class!
I quit my job, at least working in the office, and switched to only working at home a few hours in the morning and evening. It is so convenient and I've loved being home hanging out with Spence! It's also given me more time/energy to cook more and prepare for baby birthday cake.

Cute Spencer stories:

Jan. 7 - Spencer looking out the window "whoa! it's snowing like a mile an hour!"

Jan 9 - When I let him watch TMNT on YouTube before bed, "Yes! Yes! I'm gonna dream about YouTube!"

Jan 21 - This morning Spencer and I were watching Nate and the neighbor push a car out of the snowy cul-de-sac. Spencer says "I love watching this!"

Jan 28 - Spencer yelling at Nate this morning: I wanted to watch a boy show and you started a MAN show!!

and a Nate one too:
Jan 22 - I was feeling crappy and eventually ended up in the bathroom over the toilet. When I finally came out my wonderfully supportive and loving husband said "next time can you close the door?"