December started with me getting to witness the birth of my sister's 4th boy (only 13 days late)! It was empowering and encouraging and here's hoping I have the strength to go all natural with this baby!!

the whole fam after baby Olly's blessing.

Spencer also had his 3 year check up. The doctor told us he has eczema on the backs of his knees and to stop bathing so much (not really, but he did say bathing every day could be making it worse, too bad this kid loves showers and baths and any time he hears them on he starts undressing). He also told us Spencer was a "very advanced talker" which was sort of funny. The conversation was something like this:
Doctor: Now normally I ask about their vocabulary and words and pronunciation but just sitting here listening to him, I'm not concerned at all. He's a very advanced talker.
Me: Great, now can you tell me how I'm supposed to get him to sleep in his own bed all night?!

looking grown up at the doctor!

meeting Santa at the ward Christmas dinner

My brother and his wife who have been living in South Carolina came for the week before Christmas so we spent a lot of time playing pickle ball, Ticket to Ride, sledding, and just hanging out with them. We also were enjoying all the snow we were getting as it was way more than usual!

on the hill behind Hillside.

brave enough to try it solo!

with uncle Brayd.

Nate and Spencer shoveling/playing in the snow...again

Christmas morning we had a mini celebration at home where Spencer was spoiled with dinosaurs, dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur shirts and everything else he had wanted. We then went to church at my sisters ward where they blessed their new baby. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at my parents eating and opening more presents!

checking out the ultimate light display up Quail Ridge

Spencer dressed as a T-rex chasing everybody

Heaton and Nate pickle ballin.

can't forget Nate's Christmas mustache ((shudder))

Matching Christmas eve Santa jammies!

Christmas morning with some serious bed head!

The day after Christmas we got up nice and early to start our looong drive to Tucson! We took Brayden and Madison with us to Salt Lake so they could catch a flight back to S.C. that night. Madison was even great when Spencer puked, she'll be a great mom ;) Brayden on the other hand needs some more practice...

not too happy, the morning we left for AZ

The most eventful part was in the middle of nowhere in southern Utah when Spencer announced he had to poop and it was coming now, there was no waiting for an exit and by the time we pulled over, it was too late. Thankfully, Nate and I just laughed as we cleaned up a ginormous mess. I will also never travel without wet wipes every again, even if we don't have kids in diapers!!

We finally made it to Tucson about 3am Tuesday, the 27 and we were never more glad to have a couch to sleep on! I took only like 5 pictures, I was too busy enjoying the sunshine. But here they are:

cousins watching cartoons in the morning.

learning to ride his scooter at night in warm Tucson.

the Moeller fam as of December 2016.

We had so much fun with family and sunshine! We visited the ostrich farm, while the men went hunting the girls took the kids to one of my favorite traditions - a Rubios lunch at the park while the kids play, played yard games and had a fire with smores, went to the Mesa temple to witness the Alldredge sealing, hiking in the rain at Catalina State Park, at more that I've already forgotten! We love getting together with this big crew and only wish it happened more often!!


Every Veteran's Day for the last few years my dad has taken picture of the grandkids, and sometimes the kids.
Here are a few from this year.

That's about it for November. 

Oh, except Spencer turned 3!

He got a bunch of dinos because he'd been dying for one very specific spinosaurus that of course only came in a pack of 5! So now he's basically got any dinosaur a kid could ever want! We just had a little party with his cousins and my parents where we had pizza and cake. Hard to believe we have a 3 year old! 

For Thanksgiving we went to my parents with my sister's family and my brother and his girlfriend came over from school. They were great and even babysat Spencer for a day!

November quotes from Spence:
Spencer: Mom, who do you like more, me or dad?
Me: I like both of you!
Spencer: No, just pick one, me or dad??
Nate: Yeah, pick one! Who do you like more?!


October was busy! So. Much. Halloween!

We went to the Discovery Center Halloween party which was a madhouse, but still fun. We ran into a guy I used to work for who let us in on a little secret, that our pass to DCI got us in free to other science museums around the country, including some great dinosaur ones in Utah. We started planning our Christmas drive to Tucson right then!

a cute little dino riding in the chair at the DC

One Saturday when Nate was most likely hunting, I took Spencer to the World Center for Birds of Prey because my dad was taking his scouts. I don't think I had ever been and I was super impressed. Spencer really loved the "bald seagulls" and watching the birds fly right over the crowd during the show was pretty cool. One of the falcons even went rogue and wouldn't come back for like 20 minutes. They said she'd never done that before. I even ran into a friends from high school with his wife and kids which was fun.

We got invited to Nate's Halloween work luncheon, it was lots of fun and his coworkers LOVED Spencer. We ate lots of good food and hung out for a while.

I also threw a "Pumpkin Party" (thanks to Madison for the idea) with my good friend Jourdan, well she did most of the work, but it was so fun and we had such a good turnout! We made soup and had guests bring their favorite pumpkin treat!

We did lots of other fun Halloween things closer to the actual day. I think the weekend before we hit up 3 different events. Spencer went to a Halloween fair at the local St. Als clinic where we ran into lots of friends from our ward and Spencer would only eat the frosting off cupcakes from the cake walk. Then we went to the City of Meridian's halloween block party, it was crazy and there were soooo many people!! Spencer made out like a bandit. We also went to Nampa's downtown trick or treating at local businesses which was really fun and not as crazy, and we met up with Mike, Jourdan, and Markley later on which was perfect! Again, we got lots of candy but Spencer's favorite part was the bounce houses, even with a million kids on them! Lastly, and this was probably my favorite thing we did this year, was we got tickets to go trick or treating at a nursing home, there was only 100 tickets so I was lucky to get us one! It was very low key and they just gave residents a bag of candy to give out, it was warm, quiet, and the residents were so cute and sweet! But, they also had Krispy Kreme donuts there for the parents and that was the real treat!

Also in October, Nate and I celebrated out 4th wedding anniversary! That seems so crazy to me, like it's been that long and also it's only been that long?! at the same time :) For our anniversary this year we got the best surprise that we'd been waiting MONTHS for! This is what I sent Nate that morning

Quote of the month from Spencer 10/02/16
"I don't like ice cream, it's making me cold...and gassy!"


At the beginning of September, Nate's parents stopped by for a fun (but too short!) visit on their way to see Nate's sister's family and meet their new baby! Luckily, they were here when there was nice weather and some fun things happening in Boise!

We took them to the balloon festival early one morning, though I don't know why I don't have any good pictures of it, I used to be a picture taking fool! We also ran into my cousin and her son, he is so good to Spencer and even wanted this picture taken of them!

We also went on a little hike, drove by the new Meridian temple, had breakfast at the Egg Factory and ate dinner at our favorite, Corona Village!

proof they were really there! 

Later on in September, one of the many Saturday's Nate was out hunting I spent all day with some other "hunting widows" in our ward. We spent the afternoon at the park and then took our rowdy group (I think there were 8 kids and only 1 girl...) to Denny's for dinner because kids got free or cheap pancakes!

And just some funny Spencer highlights from September:
September 15: Spencer and I were talking about birthdays and I told him Nate's was in March to which he replied, "do you mean marching band?"

September 27 Conversation between Spencer and a the babysitters daughter:
Spencer: "Nita, I have a dog!"
Nita: "Is it your dog or your mom and dads?"
Spencer: "It's my dads. I have a puppy but my dad killed it."