August was another busy month. Nate started his second to last semester of grad school and we packed in as much fun as we could with playdates at the park, swimming at the pool, and going on evening walks while we still had the nice weather!
We had a quick visit from Allison and Dallin and Lizzy, we ate our hearts out with all you can eat sushi and topped it off with a milkshake from sonic. I think we all gained a few lbs that night. Between the 4 of us we thought had ordered something like 11 sushi rolls but after we were done and counted we'd downed more like 14. When the waitress brought us our check she commented that she'd accidentally brought us an extra plate...we obviously weren't complaining as it didn't stop us from eating it all though I did feel a bit more round that usual.
Also in August, one of my very first childhood friends got married up at Bogus Basin. Nate, Spencer and I went to the ceremony with my parents and it was a gorgeous night and she was the cutest bride and they had the most delicious food. My favorite part of the night was that she was marrying a boy named Spencer so every time they said his name, our Spencer would look at me and ask, "me?!" It was totally adorable and by the end of the night he was convinced he had married Shaun.
The bad news from August was that I wasn't pregnant...again. It was the hardest month yet as I was still emotionally recovering from my early term miscarriage the month before, but also because August was the month we had determined to get pregnant since the year had started. In addition, the Moeller side of our family was blessed with 2 new babies which was so fun and exciting, but I got a little taste of what true infertility sufferers feel, torn between being so happy for them and being so devastated in yourself and your body. Thankfully, the envy and sadness was short lived and after a few days I was at peace with all that had happened and I had renewed hope and faith in the Lord's timing and plan for our little family.