April 2016.

I keep thinking "once life settles down I'll get caught up on the blog, I'll get back in shape, I'll clean my house top to bottom..." and it just isn't settling down!

April was yet another busy month, I finished my second to last semester, Nate's youngest brother got married the weekend school ended, we planted trees, we did a lot of yard work, my little brother and his wife visited for the last time before they graduated from BYU and movd to California en route to South Carolina for 4 years of dental school, and we had family pictures taken.

I've pretty much become the worst photographer because I never take pictures of anything. Which is funny considering I have a camera with me all the time.

Highlights from Jake's wedding weekend include:
- lunch at the park with Allison, Dallin and Lizzie while we waited for grandma and grandpa.
- going to the zoo!
- getting up extra early to drive to Twin with Aaron and Alyssa
- Spencer having so much fun with all his cousins he never gets to see enough, he talked about them for at least a week after. And still does.
- meeting "baby" Tim!
- witnessing the sealing of Jake and Emily who I just love, Jake did well :)
- the beautiful and wonderful luncheon and reception
- Nate refusing to dance with me at the reception, Spencer on the other hand would!
- Spencer trying to drown in the hotel pool
- watching base jumpers off the Perrine bridge in Twin. Spencer called them "poppers"
- going to the fish hatchery and Spencer calling the giant sturgeon a dolphin
- Box Canyon Springs, seeing the alligators (though way less exciting than the last time I was there)
- filling the entire restaurant we stopped at for lunch
- seeing Emily's brothers as we drove back to Boise
- getting to eat Costa and Arctic Circle to please pregnant Alyssa
- having a FULL house for one night, but sure loving getting to spend time with family
- going to church together
- not wanting the weekend and fun to end!

And a few pics from our photo shoot the other week: