Blue eyed boy.

Today I had 2 people at church comment on Spencer's wide vocabulary and how clearly he talks. So I wanted to write down some of my favorite things he's been saying before I forget. (Someday Nate and I won't be so busy and when that day comes, I'll get back to updating this family journal of ours)

Spencer's in LOVE with dinosaurs right now. He loves to walk like a dino and roar like a dino all day long. He loves the shows:
Dinosaur King
Dinosaur Train
The Land Before Time (all of them)

When I take him to the indoor playground (Jabbers) he loves to commandeer the t-rex and another smaller, t-rex looking dino (I really should know what it is by now). He calls the Farmer Pickles and Sue.

At home he only has one dino and then a little car dino. When he knocks over the car dino he will say "You alright little guy?" And it's pretty adorable.

He knows what a stegosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex (though he calls it a "towey rex") and long necks.

Spencer also likes to sing. He knows his ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Row Your Boat, Once There Was a Snowman, Old McDonald, Bingo, and I'm sure more. My favorite thing about him singing is if I join him, once the song ends he'll say "nice, job singing, mom!" And even though I'm terrible, he is so serious and sincere.

My favorite part of ABC's is "...h, i, j, k, m, m, m, o, p..."
He also makes Old McDonald have about 5 dinosaurs.
Bingo is also a dinosaur and not a dog.

He watched Toy Story for the first time the other day, he was loving it until it got to the part with Sid and his toys. He came running to find me and had his hands over his face like he was pretending to be scared. He said "I'm 'fraid of the 'pooky 'pider!" And it took me a minute to realize he was talking about Sid's toys spider that has mechanical legs and a doll head with a missing eye.

Spence loves to "nuggle" when he's falling asleep. He'll also ask, "mom, wanna pet me?" which is code for rub my back.

He asks "can I hold you?" when he wants to be held.