August was another busy month. Nate started his second to last semester of grad school and we packed in as much fun as we could with playdates at the park, swimming at the pool, and going on evening walks while we still had the nice weather!
We had a quick visit from Allison and Dallin and Lizzy, we ate our hearts out with all you can eat sushi and topped it off with a milkshake from sonic. I think we all gained a few lbs that night. Between the 4 of us we thought had ordered something like 11 sushi rolls but after we were done and counted we'd downed more like 14. When the waitress brought us our check she commented that she'd accidentally brought us an extra plate...we obviously weren't complaining as it didn't stop us from eating it all though I did feel a bit more round that usual.
Also in August, one of my very first childhood friends got married up at Bogus Basin. Nate, Spencer and I went to the ceremony with my parents and it was a gorgeous night and she was the cutest bride and they had the most delicious food. My favorite part of the night was that she was marrying a boy named Spencer so every time they said his name, our Spencer would look at me and ask, "me?!" It was totally adorable and by the end of the night he was convinced he had married Shaun.
The bad news from August was that I wasn't pregnant...again. It was the hardest month yet as I was still emotionally recovering from my early term miscarriage the month before, but also because August was the month we had determined to get pregnant since the year had started. In addition, the Moeller side of our family was blessed with 2 new babies which was so fun and exciting, but I got a little taste of what true infertility sufferers feel, torn between being so happy for them and being so devastated in yourself and your body. Thankfully, the envy and sadness was short lived and after a few days I was at peace with all that had happened and I had renewed hope and faith in the Lord's timing and plan for our little family.

I Graduated!

After almost 10 years, I finally graduated with a bachelors of science in web design and development! I had done about 2.5 years right after high school between BYU-I and BSU, but then decided to pursue esthetics instead.
After moving to PA and having a baby I kind of fell out of sync with the esthetics world and decided I should just finish the bachelors I started so long ago! In January of 2015 I started back to school online through BYU-I. I then did 6 semesters of 12+ credits in 18 months so that I could finish faster. Graduation was July 20, 2016 and we went to Rexburg for the occasion.
We first drove to St. Anthony to meet up with one of my all time favorite roommates, Erika! She had just had a baby but she still made us an awesome lunch and it was so fun to meet her husband, daughter, and just catch up! It was like no time had passed even though I hadn't seen her in probably 8ish years?!
After that I had to get back to Rexburg to pick up my cap and gown. The rebel in me worse shorts. ON CAMPUS. to get it. I had looots of stares, ha. Once we picked it up we went to Porter Park to meet up with another roommate, Megan, and her family! She has 2 adorable little boys and it was so fun to see her and watch the boys play. Spencer saw the little splash pad/water park as soon as we got there and it was a lost cause trying to get him to do anything else. He was fully clothed and sopping wet just bombing it head-first down the water slide! He was in heaven. Jake and Emily met up with us at this point and as always, it was so fun to see them (and to have extra eyes on Spencer).
We went and ate dinner with Jake and Emily and then went back to Porter Park to see even more friends! Another roommate, Becky, who lives in Arizona, had been up in Island Park with her family and so they were nice enough to drive down to Rexburg to see us, even though it was only like 20 minutes!

I got really lucky in the roommate department at BYU-I and lived with some of the best girls! I love that even though we never see each other, they were willing to come reconnect! If only I had taken some pictures with any of them!!

Finally, it was time for the actual graduation. We were running late so I didn't even have time to fix my hair or really even look in a mirror. I ran into a bathroom stall and put a dress on about 10 minutes before the ceremony started. I walked, and for some reason I was about to cry the whole time I was shaking the important people's hands, ha. I think just the relief that I was actually done, and because it was a really hard year and a half for me!!

The next morning we headed for Yellowstone with my mom and dad. We had such a fun 3 days there, camping, hiking around, seeing all the wildlife, and just not having anything to worry about!

Spencer spent a lot of time up there.

seriously, so pretty with the blue and orange!

Nate's at the bottom of the falls, can you see him?

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

we thought that looked like too many stairs for us.

this guy walked right through our camp the last night.

he's pretty popular with the tourists! This is the second time the Asians have just been infatuated with him and wanted to hold him and take his picture :)

Spencer was hilarious, every time we saw a buffalo he would say, "there's a buffalo lets laugh at him" and then he would do this crazy fake laugh. Or else he would say "let's moo at him" and then would moo. No idea where it came from but it was great!

I had really wanted to see a bear and a moose while there and I did get to see a bear's back half, it wasn't good enough so on our way back to Rexburg we made a stop at Bear World and it was so much fun!

When it was finally time to head back to west Idaho on Sunday, we drove the "back roads" and made a stop at Craters of the Moon. It was neat, my favorite part was climbing through the caves, plus it was nice and cool down there, great to escape the hot sun! We also had an eventful half hour where my dad locked his keys in his truck. Fortunately, his window was cracked just far enough that between he and Nate and fishing poles, and a bent roasting stick, they were able to get it open. Though not before setting off the alarm multiple times.
A fun trip but I am SO glad to be done with school!

May, June, and July 2016.

What a crazy couple of months!

In April I started my LAST semester of my undergraduate degree. Thankfully, it was my easiest semester and how grateful I was for that. I also got another round of straight A's bringing my final GPA to 3.76, I can be proud of that.

I also started working again at the beginning of May. The company is called Contract Laboratory and I am doing their social media marketing which is fun! I've also just started getting into a little more of their web development. I am only working 2 days a week in the office, and then 5-6 hours from home a week. I am really enjoying that I still get to be home with Spencer!
For Memorial Day we went fishing with my dad in Caldwell. I caught a fish, then my dad caught a frog, and then Nate caught a fish all within 5 minutes.

he wasn't too sure about holding the fish.

Nate also had a run in with the neighbors' basketball hoop above the mailbox. He ripped his bike right off the roof rack on the truck and had to replace the fork. He wasn't so happy about that.


In June we took a couple of trips to Meridian Speedway with our friends which Spencer loved! We spent a LOT of time at Lakeview pool with and without our friends, its the perfect pool for little kids and its close and only costs $4 for me and Spence to get in.

at the speedway.

watching the races, the Barnes' were nice enough to share their cotton candy with him, though we wasn't sure what to think of it.

I also took a quick overnight trip to Utah for my best friend Kelli's wedding! It was so fun and I stayed the night with my friend Melissa from high school and it was so great to catch up with her!!
The next day I even got to do some quick shopping!

July was another fun and busy month! We went to my grandmas in McCall to pick huckleberries with Nate's sister and her family, and his newly married brother and his wife. It was a quick trip and even though we got rained on we still had fun. We love McCall and can't wait to find more time to go back!

hanging out in McCall

For my birthday this year....we got new floors! Last year for my birthday it was new floors in the living room and hall, this year it was the bedrooms getting recarpeted! This was the last "major" thing we wanted to do inside so it's looking good!

when your mattress is as big as your living room...

I ran in the Boise Women's Classic 5k and didn't train nearly as much as I s

hould have. Though I PRed at about 35 minutes (slooooow) I puked as soon as I crossed the finish line.

And lastly, on July 20, 2016 I graduated from college (but that deserves a separate post)!

A final note I just want to add for my own memory's sake...before we left for graduation/Yellowstone at the end of July I had taken a pregnancy test and gotten that faint positive line. It was still a little early so I didn't get too excited and we went on our trip. Part way through the trip I had some spotting and assumed it was just signs of my upcoming cycle. When we got back to civilization (if you can call Rexburg civilization) there was more spotting so I took another test, it looked negative. By the time we got home I was 3 days overdue and had a "feeling" similar to when I knew I was pregnant with Spencer. I took another test and this one was clearly positive. We were beyond excited! I calculated that I was probably about 5-6 weeks. The next morning I woke up to a lot of blood and clots. The disappoint that I wasn't pregnant was heavy. I don't know if it is considered a "loss" as it was so early and technically just a chemical pregnancy, but it was a little heart breaking to go from extreme excitement one day, to the exact opposite the next.

So a little depressed, but ready to enjoy the rest of my now homework free summer and the last few trips we have planned!!