Bob the Builder

Can he fix it?

Spencer was Bob for Halloween. Of course he loved his toolbelt and hard hat up until it actually came time to wear them. Then he threw a fit and really wanted nothing to do with them. Fortunately he let me get one picture (though I wouldn't call it good), before my parent ward's trunk-or-treat.
Then on the REAL Halloween we went to an afternoon trunk-or-treat at a burger joint by my office. Lunch and trick-or-treating which was perfect. He refused to wear his toolbelt there, but everyone still knew who he was! He loved walking up to all the different people and looking at the "pooky" decorations and costumes. He especially loved when they let him pick his own treat. He favorite this year is definitely "sticker" (suckers).
One of my favorite stories from this Halloween season is that there is a house decorated on the way to his babysitters. They have a pretty scary looking werewolf along with some spiders, spiderwebs, a witch, and some pumpkins. Well everyday on the way to the babysitters Spencer would get so excited for "the pooky werewolf!!" We would slow down and look at him every day. We're gonna miss seeing that "pooky" werewolf!
After that, everything became "pooky". "pooky" spiders, "pooky" ghosts. Spence also loved passing out candy on Halloween. Trick-or-treaters are still alive and well in Nampa and we loved passing out candy and seeing all the "pooky" costumes.
It was so fun to see Spencer get the idea of collecting candy this year, and see him in awe at all the decorations. He was always the one pointing out the "pooky" things to me.
I love this age, I can't believe we almost have a 2 year old, I really can't call him a baby anymore!