April, May and June

To say this year has gotten crazy is a bit of an understatement. I started a pretty hard semester at the end of April and about 2 weeks later I started working for a web development company in Boise which added a little commute to my day. My schedule is pretty flexible, but Nate's and my schedule still overlapped a few hours a few days a week so Spencer also started going to a babysitter.
I had called around to daycares (7 to be exact) and NONE of them were accepting toddlers. I even called a couple of at home daycares I saw on craigslist and none of them could take toddlers! I was seriously at a loss! So I posted a question in a local cloth diaper group about where to look, a really nice mom of 4 girls responded and said she would be willing to watch him. We met her and her family and felt like it would work, after working through all the details, she started watching Spencer 3-4 days a week for 3-4 hours. We have LOVED her and appreciated her taking such good care of Spencer, plus I know her girls love him! Every morning I drop him off they run out to meet him and give him hugs. They are moving at the end of the month and we are SO sad and going to miss them so much! They really have been great to him, he loves going to play with "the girls".
I also made my first baby quilt for my good friend Paige in PA. She is due any day and I can't wait to see her baby girl, we sure miss the Stewarts!!

this and the next pic are from Easter at my parents house.

my mom bought her grandsons matching Easter suits, the boys were adorable!

In the middle of May, Nate and I ran our second half marathon. I knew it was going to be tougher than the first as I had been so busy and hadn't been running in a few weeks. I walked way more than I would have liked and ended up 7 minutes slower than my first half's time. Nate didn't even try to stick with me and he beat his previous time by 10 minutes! We got cool medals and that's what really matters :) At the end of May for all Nate's future birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries, fathers days, etc. he got a dog. She is a german short haired pointer lab ;) she is 6 years old and luckily she is a very good dog. She doesn't care much for Spencer but we're not at all surprised since he tries to drag her around by her tail. We're working on that. She holds down the fort pretty well and my biggest complaint is that she's fairly picky and sometimes won't clean up Spencer's mess off the floor. And if we leave her dog food down low, Spence eats it. Yuck! Oh, and we named her Callie (she was previously known as Kaylee so we needed something fairly similar).

Our garden is looking like its going to be fairly successful, that's been fun! We have tons of tomatoes on (the ones that Spencer doesn't pick) our snap pea plants are getting big and taking over but no peas yet. And our corn stalks are getting big too, as well as pumpkins and watermelon. We have a few random plants we aren't sure what they are, or maybe they're weeds? I suppose we'll see in time!
yes, those are tomatoes from my garden ;(

The good news for June is that I registered for my fall semester of school which means I then only have 8 classes left to take! That makes it feel like there is an end in sight! Also in June (though it hasn't happened yet) a YW from our ward started babysitting for us. She seems very responsible and mature and we're excited to have her play with Spencer!

he loves to pretend to talk on the phone. 
he walks around the house with it saying "bye grandma, bye grandpa"

my parents drained their pool for the first time ever!

his first sno cone- he loved it.

we're trying to get back into running