Spencer in 2015

     Spencer has already changed so much this year. He is running and starting to talk. My favorites are when he says "please!" and "thank you". He is turning into such a little boy and is no longer a baby! We've started taking him into nursery on Sunday's and he loves it! He puts up with all the bigger kids beatin' up on him and just does his own thing. Too bad he still has 2 months until we can leave him in there!
     We bought him a little big wheel that he really loves too. He's not quite big enough to touch the pedals but he loves to just sit on it. He also has a sandbox the loves to play in and with all the warm weather we've been having he's spent a lot of time out there digging and playing. It sits right against our fence and on the other side our neighbors have 3 dogs and he loves to peek through the fence at them and say "hi!" over and over. It's pretty cute and they seem to be very friendly and attention starved dogs.
     He is still our little climber and we finally had to move all our chairs away from the table because he kept climbing on top and standing on the table while he throws everything off and I got tired of that real quick! He had his first bloody nose/bloody mouth about 2 weeks ago. He had climbed up on a chair (that wasn't at the table so luckily he wasn't higher than he could have been) and out of the corner of my eye I saw him just dive face first out of the chair onto the kitchen linoleum. There was a lot of blood out both nostrils and mouth and I was sure he did some serious damage to his mouth and teeth but after the blood stopped everything looked ok and he really didn't cry for too long. We also reaffirmed that I do not do well with other people's blood. After he was ok I felt very sick and light headed and had to lay down :)
     The kid FINALLY had a molar break through, he hadn't had a tooth in almost 8 months but that didn't stop him from eating anything he wanted. The kid eats all day long and will eat anything! He sure is fun and keeps us very busy! We are so glad to have our own space that he can tornado through! We are looking forward to having a whole backyard for him to enjoy this summer!
the first time he saw his "bike". He saw it out the window 
and wasn't about to put clothes on first.

1 month in our house!

     We have officially been homeowners for a whole month now! We are loving all the space and Spencer loves making messes in it. We love having a garage and a backyard and can't wait till it warms up so we can start a garden and send Spencer outside to dig in the dirt. Nate's been working on the yard getting it ready for summer. There was a big rock circle that we think the last owner must have had some kind of fire pit in, and it was a waste of space for us, so Nate moved all the big rocks that made the circle to the corner of the yard and then he spent quite a few nights sifting the dirt to get the little rocks out. It is now an excellent pile of sand that the dang neighborhood cats are using as a litter box. So we got a sand box and will spend the day transferring sand into there so we can cover it and keep the cats out. We're hoping to lay sod on the dirt ring this summer. But Nate has been hard at work out there making it more enjoyable for us this summer. We can't wait to BBQ and hang out out there!
     We also are enjoying living so close to Nate's work. It only takes him about 10 minutes to get there or to get home so he saves lots of tie and lots of gas! Our location isn't so bad either, we've got a park just a few blocks up from us or an even bigger park we've been meaning to try a little farther away. We're also close to a mile stretch of the greenbelt that we've walked on a bit
     Our ward has been nice so far though we're still "new" and making friends is always hard. But people have been friendly and Spencer loves everyone.
     We finally hung some pictures on the wall so it's starting to feel more like our home!