Time for an update!

This has been the BUSIEST month!
     On January 5, I started back to school online through BYU-I to finish my degree. It has been hard to find a balance between still accomplishing all my mom/wife responsibilities and getting all my work done. I've had some late nights but it is so worth it and there is actually an end in sight (May 2016) so I am just going to keep on slacking on housework and get this bachelor's degree done!
    We also put an offer on a house in December, it was a short sale so we'd been told it could take a long time. Our closing kept getting pushed back and was set for February 17 so we were slowly preparing for that. Then Thursday, January 29 we got a call that we HAD to close by noon Friday! We jumped into high gear to do a final walk through, sign papers and get everything done. As of yesterday we are home owners! We bought a cute little house out in Nampa, close to Nate's work so hopefully we can save on gas! It needs a little work, mainly paint and new carpet. We spent all yesterday afternoon spackling our hearts out. There were seriously over 1,000 nail holes. And they were clustered in groups of like 5 little holes. People are odd, I vowed to never make a single hole in any of our walls after that! We are still deciding on paint color. We also need to buy a fridge and set up internet before we can live there permanently, but in due time.

     Spencer has been growing like a weed! He basically runs everywhere and climbs up EVERYTHING! He is going to keep us on our toes. I have found him on top of the table at least 4 times in the last hour. He is 14 months old and just about out of his 12 month clothes. He loves his Opa and checking on the chickens with him. He usually is pretty good about bringing you his shoes when you ask. He loves to be outside all the time. And he is constantly eating. He seriously eats more than me at every meal. It is ridiculous. And then he just wants to snack all day! He says "mom" and calls me and Nate both that. He says ball, Ruby (my parents dog), Opa, bye, hi, yea, and of course cookie. He knows the baby sign for "more" and also says it to mean please. It is going to be a sad day when we move out for good and Spencer doesn't get to see his Oma and Opa everyday! He sure loves them!

Arizona Christmas 2014.

     We had the most wonderful Christmas in Tucson this year! All the Moeller siblings were there and we partied ALL. WEEK. LONG!
     Nate and Spencer and I left Saturday afternoon about 3pm to drive down. We figured we'd stop and sleep party way but try to do most of the driving in the late and early hours while Spencer slept. We decided to take the "shortcut" through Nevada since the weather was supposed to be nice and it would save us an hour or so. Spence did awesome and slept most of the ride. The only time he'd wake up and cry was when we stopped. At one point about 2am we tried stopping in a grocery store parking lot but Spencer cried, it was too bright, and we never could get comfy so off we went. We tag teamed it the whole way down and by the time we reached Phoenix at about 8:30am we were going crazy from lack of sleep, caffeine, and a baby who really didn't want to be in his car seat any longer. We made it to Tucson around 10am and took wonderful showers and got to lay down for a bit. It was the greatest thing ever!
     Nate spent the week hiking and hunting and hanging out with the boys. He also had time to make the plaque for his elk antlers to be mounted on. I spent my time hanging out with the girls, shopping, lunch, going to the park, and fighting Spencer to PLEASE sleep!!!

    Spencer spent his time NOT sleeping at all and keeping everyone else awake, playing with his cousins, going for walks in the stroller, pushing the girls bikes around on the back patio, wearing Ella's shoes, and eating everything he could. A cute story about them, Spencer LOVED Ella and she was so good to him all week long. When we were at the temple before the sealing we got there before everyone else so we were just walking around looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations the temple still had up. Eventually the Adams walked around the corner as we were walking toward it and Spencer sped up his steps and tried to say "Ella!" and ran to hold her hand. It was adorable!
    I was terrible at taking pictures all week long so these are from Pam posting on faebook, but some of our highlights included family pictures, family 5k, Christmas jammies!, getting to be at the temple for the Alldredge sealing, and of course all of Pam's delicious meals! We ate like champions all week long.
     We had such a great time having everyone all together and can't wait to do it again!

Nate reads to Spencer.

Spencer has a book called Toddles- that's me!
It's a rhyming book about body parts.
Part of the book reads, "I have two hands to hold, two arms to cuddle...and two legs to jump up over a puddle."
I just overheard Nate reading it and his version was ferocious!
"I have two hands to hold, two arms to cuddle...and two legs to curb-stomp you into a puddle!!"
Yikes, at least it wasn't before bedtime I guess?

Top 10 of 2014.

2014 was a good year, here's a little recap:
1- my little brother came to visit us in PA and we toured around Washington DC, Lancaster, PA and Gettysburg, PA.
2- Nate and Spencer and I went camping in April in northern New York so we could visit Palmyra, NY.
3- We saw Niagra Falls.
4- Nate got a job that brought us back to Idaho and closer to our family.
5- On our move west we stopped in Nauvoo, IL and saw my great Aunt Sue and Uncle Pete.
6- We did lots of fun outdoors things in Idaho in the summer, yurting, huckleberry picking, hot springs, swimming in my parents backyard.
7- I started trying to be a runner and ran my first 5k and 10k.
8- Nate shot his first deer and elk.
9- Spencer turned 1 and slept through the night (even though it only lasted 2 weeks...)
10- We put an offer on a house and if all continues to go well we will close in February!