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    These are my parents only grandchildren- 4 boys!
Porter- almost 3
and Everett-2 months.
These were taken at Katherine Albertson Park in November.
we think this one looks like a paparazzi shot, we're famous and Nate is our security guard

can't help but crack up at this one.

Holiday Parade.

     November 22, our friends asked Nate and I to run Thanksgiving turkey relay with them. It was 2 miles each and you had to guesstimate your total time when you signed up for the race. The winner was whichever team came closest to their estimated time and each member of the team won a frozen turkey! It was a super fun race but we ended up running too fast and beat our time by 2 minutes and 47 seconds which was enough to take us out of the running for 1st place.

     I also made us all embarrassing headbands of turkey legs to wear, and then promptly lost mine so we are one short in all the pics ;)

     The race happened to be the same morning as the Boise holiday parade so my dad was nice enough to take Spencer to the parade with his cousins!

Dream Catcher

     Nate and my dad decided they wanted to try their hands at tanning a hide starting with the hide from Nate's elk. They've put a lot of time and work into it, and I'm not sure what its supposed to look like but I don't think I'm going to want it hanging on my wall any time soon...

    One of the first things they had to do was stretch it (at least I think that was the purpose?). They took the trampoline apart and tied it to that. It looked like a giant spiderweb or a giant dream catcher. Thus, the perfect photo op was born!
(these are the deer antlers, Spencer's trying to look like a jackalope.)

1st birthday party.

     We had a cute little party for Spencer on his birthday. His cousins came over to celebrate and were nice enough to help him open all his presents! Spencer wasn't so sure about the flame on the candle but loved getting to eat a whole cake by himself. And we were lucky enough to facetime with Nate's sisters on Oregon, and skype with his parents in Arizona so they didn't miss out on the festivities!
birthday dinner.

he got some great trucks!

not so sure about that candle, or all the singing.

the boy loves frosting!


he ate the whole thing!

birthday money!

Going private.

     The time has come, next week I'll be changing our privacy settings so if you want to keep up with our goings on let me have your email address!