2nd Anniversary!

     October 20, marker 2 years of marriage for Nate and I! We're still figuring life out for our little family. But we've had some fun adventures and there's no one else I'd rather be figuring things out with! It feels much longer than 2 years (in a good way!) and we can't wait to see where life takes us next! Unfortunately, Nate worked that night so we did nothing to celebrate. But the previous night we did have a family cuddle and watch a movie so I guess that counts!

Harvest Festival.

     A few Saturday's ago, a local garden center had a harvest festival for kids so we took Spencer and had a fun time! There were lots of games for prizes, a haunted house, a hay ride, a seek & find, guess the weight of the pumpkin, etc.
     Spencer's favorite part was playing in the hay trying to find the hidden turkeys!

The Farmstead.

     My sister asked me to accompany her and her boys on a little field trip to a pumpkin patch called The Farmstead. Spencer had a good time with his cousins and it was fun to see all the animals, play hard, and enjoy a nice fall day!
Spencer loved riding this cow train with Lincoln, they did it a few times.

"the creature" was a little too scary.

he loves the mini straw maze!

and he tried to jump on this bouncer with the big kids but never could make it up past this...

11 months.

     We officially have a walker! Just this week, feet have become his main mode of transportation. He is toddling around, getting into everything he can find, and he's getting pretty fast too! 

      He is such a little puppy dog when it comes to begging for food. He will stand at your feet and just wait, or follow you around until you give in and give him a bit of whatever it is you're enjoying without him. We don't think he'll be much of a picky eater (unlike his mom). He prefers grown up food to baby food, hands down.
      He doesn't love hats, or socks. He is still not a great sleeper but we have been working on it so hard the last week! I was determined to have him sleeping through the night by his 1st birthday, and while that goal is a little high, I'm now hoping for 5 hours. Please bless that can happen! I finally broke the habit of nursing to sleep and that was hard, but since then things have been easier. He can fall asleep in his own bed with his back rubbed or patted and then can sleep 2-3 hours. After that he ends up in bed with us nursing the rest of the night. Old habits die hard, but we're getting there. Like I said, 5 hours is our new goal. His best naps are still taken in the stroller so we do quite a bit of walking and running.
     He is turning into such a little boy, he loves balls and anything with wheels. He still LOVES to watch other kids play. Last Sunday was our ward primary program and it was the best he's ever done through sacrament. He just wanted to sit on my lap and watch almost the whole time.

     His "talking" has really taken off. He babbles and goos at anything and everything. He yells and makes all kinds of funny noises. He likes to "converse" with just about anything as well. But in public he's pretty shy when people try to talk to him. No smiles, just grabs onto his mom.
     He loves being outside or inside looking out the window, playing peek a boo with his dad, being tickled in the armpits, pointing out your nose, opening every possible cupboard door, turning the pages of books, playing with the toys at the library, and going for runs in the stroller.
     We can't believe he's almost 1!

Nate-ism #21

     Nate came home from a long meeting today and announced he had another meeting Thursday. When I told him I thought 2 meetings in 1 week was a little excessive his response was:
Don't you know the 14th article of faith? We believe in meetings, we hope for meetings, we pray for meetings and we hope to be able to endure all meetings...
    I concur, Nathan!

Deer Slayer.

     Friday the 10th, Nate shot his first deer! I'd give the details but I'm sure I would get them wrong. All I know is after he and my dad got home he told me he never wanted to go hunting again:) Either way, we are proud of him and he was excited to finally get one!

Family Pictures.

     Both my little brothers were in town after baby Everett was born so just before they left we took some impromptu family pictures. They turned out well ;)

The Hippy in Me.

     It's come to my attention that some might consider me a bit of a hippy for the following reasons:
1- Spencer wears cloth diapers. Mainly I was sick of wasting money on disposables when we are trying so hard to get out of debt! And surprisingly, I like cloth (most of the time)!
2- Spencer wears an amber teething necklace. I know some people swear by them, and I am not completely convinced, but the first few days he wore it I definitely noticed a difference.
3- I have a ring sling I like to carry Spence in whenever the stroller is inconvenient.
4- Divacup.
5- Earlier in the summer I used grapefruit oil to treat my thrush, along with greek yogurt and probiotics.
6- I've started taking maca root powder every morning to regulate and support my crazy hormones.
7- I use coconut oil.
    Oh, and I'm also growing dreads and only bathing once a week... ;)

Hyde Park Street Fair.

     One of Nate's late nights at work Spencer and I took Oma and Opa to the Hyde Park Street Fair to check out at all the hippy-ness.
     Oma bought Spencer an adorable monster hat, which he hates to wear. We ate some pizza, listened to some music, and had a good time.