WARNING: Graphic pictures ahead.

Picture Overload!

     Since we moved from PA, I haven't been able to locate my camera battery charger so I haven't taken many pictures except with my phone and it's such a hassle to transfer pix from phone to computer. Anyway, I finally did and I found some cute ones of Spencer I don't think anyone's seen since I'm no longer on facebook. There's also some from my dad's camera mixed in here too!

3 great grandbabies! I think that makes them all 2nd cousins?

10 months.

     Last Tuesday, Spencer hit double digits...10 months old!! He is going to be 1 before we know it! This kid is still keepin' us on our toes! He is a "getinsky" and will open, get into, tear apart, rummage through ANYTHING he can get his hands on! Some of his favorite toys include a basket full of cookie cutters and a box full of cds.


     He is constantly on the move and more often than not is pushing something along with him. Sometimes a car, sometimes a box, or a movie case, or just a toy. He is ALL boy! He loves to play in the dirt (and try to eat it) and pick up rocks and grass and weeds. His newest trick is to find tomatoes in the garden and take big ol' bites! He so badly wants to be a big boy like his older cousins. He will follow them and pester them all day long, and they're usually pretty good sports about it until he gets too close to one of their trucks ;)
don't be fooled, this is dirt not chocolate.
     The boy LOVES to eat but isn't such a big fan of baby food, he really just wants to eat whatever the adults around him are eating. He is so smart and if you ask him where you're nose is he gets it right 99% of the time, the other 1% he isn't interested or just isn't paying attention. He loves to climb all over anyone laying on the ground, and he especially likes to try to eat their face!
     He is no longer the baby around here and isn't so sure he likes sharing his mom's attention with a new baby and he gets very jealous when I hold the new baby and not him. Spence is still a pretty terrible napper during the day. Usually he thinks two 10 minute naps is sufficient..especially around 5 oclock. I tend to hate that and fight it every single day so dinner time is kind of nightmareish around here :) However it has improved his night sleeping somewhat. He is consistently going to bed around 9pm and sleeps in his own bed until 2-3am and then he comes and sleeps with me until about 8am. Still not great, but improving so I'll take it!
     He has 5 teeth, 3 on the bottom and 2 on the top with 2 more up top just days from breaking through. He still hasn't mastered walking, but has taken a few steps here and there. Doesn't seem to interest him as much as it used to. He really likes banging his head on the couch and babbling "baa baa baa" which we all think is pretty hilarious.
     He's growing like a weed and we sure love our Spencey!

Family Motto.

     One of our favorite families from our ward in PA introduced us to the concept of a family motto. I LOVED the idea and what it stood for and so for the past few months I've been perfecting what I wanted ours to be and finally think I came up with a winner that I would like to somehow display in our house (if we ever get one of those).
     I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons. First, I want my children to know that their family is their biggest supporters and their biggest advocates, I want them to feel safe, to feel loved, and to feel appreciated by all their family members. Second, I think it's a great reminder to us that we are each others biggest supporters and we are in this together, the good and the bad and nothing is more important than family. Third, we have some family that I don't feel we're very close with and I don't want my children to feel that way and I think having a common "goal" that we hear and see repeatedly will keep some of that distance from coming between us. My hope is that we will memorize and repeat it before things like dinner and family prayer.
     So without further ado, the Moeller family motto:
We are a family.
We love each other.
We encourage each other.
We help each other.
We pray for each other.
Our family has the heart of one
and we live in peace and love.
The last line actually was repeated in some of my ancestors families so I liked the idea of including that.

Spirit of Boise.

     The Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival was going on a few weeks ago and we thought it would be fun to check it out so early one morning we got up and rode our bikes to Ann Morrison Park to watch all the hot air balloons launch.
     When we got there some balloon owners had already asked my dad if he could help them set up and launch their balloon. Nate quickly joined in and it was pretty neat to see how its all done and what goes into prepping a balloon for lift off.
     After it was all ready to go they asked Nate if he wanted to chase the balloon in the truck with them and help put it away when it landed so he stayed and did that which sounded just as cool!


     For Heaton's last day in Boise we tried to take the boat up to the lake but naturally once we got it in the water it wouldn't start. So instead we headed over to a little beach to splash around on. Some of us had more fun than others...


     We had a couple visitors come the beginning of August. Aaron and Alyssa came to hang out a few nights before they moved to Ohio. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of things including; rode bikes on the greenbelt, walked around the MK Nature Center and saw the giant sturgeon, floated the Boise River, and got ice cream at Goodys.
     We hope they're enjoying Ohio and can't wait to see them again! Oh, and here's the only picture from their trip :)

Huckleberry picking.

     The middle of August we made our way up to McCall for the day to pick huckleberries with my grandma. Even though we got caught in a huge rainstorm that drenched us all, it was worth it and a lot of fun. And we still got plenty of huckleberries!

     After getting soaked picking berries, we headed over to Gold Fork hot springs and hung out there for a few hours. It was the perfect way to end a cold, wet day but we didn't get any pictures of that part!