9 months!

3 quarters of a year! How did that happen?!
Porter loves him, sometimes a little too much :)
     This boy just keeps growing and growing! He is very mobile and getting into everything. He really wants to walk and pulls himself up on everything and then walks holding on to it for as far as he can. He LOVES to eat and NEEDS a bite of anything you have. We discovered (though a little early) he is not allergic to peanuts which makes life easier. He is babbling up a storm! Usually yelling at me for one reason or another. But he sure likes to hear himself "talk", he must get that from his mom...
     Spencer is still loving the water! He doesn't care how cold or hot it is he will splash as long as we let him. He doesn't even mind when I dunk his feet in the cold river on our walks. Last week he had his first experience at a hot springs and he really thought that was cool. He especially liked playing in the sand at the bottom and dumping it on his dad.
he prefers to swim in the buff.
     Teething this time around has been miserable. He has 3 teeth swollen just under the surface of his gums and they must be painful because he has been a grump for weeks! This in turn has made for a regression in his sleeping habits. It's been a long few weeks...

Hiking the foothills.

   At the end of July we bought a hiking backpack for Spencer. We've only used it a few times but we have high hopes!
this adorable boy loved the wind blowing!

taking my turn.

we even saw a snake.

putting the pack to good use!


     I ran my first ever 5k on July 26. It was called the Push 5k, push referring to pushing a stroller. I hadn't ran since before Spencer was born and signed up with about 3 weeks to prepare which ended up being just enough time. My goal was to not die and I succeeded! But really my goal was to just run the whole thing, and I did so I was happy with that. The course started at the east edge of Ann Morrison park and ran down the greenbelt to friendship bridge, across the river, down the south side of the greenbelt back toward Ann Morrison, then back across the river winding through Ann Morrison park to the finish. Spence enjoyed his time in the stroller like always and even fell asleep the last half mile. Nate was great support and even better paparazzi!
Spencer showing his support for mom.

at the starting line.

crossing the 2nd bridge.

the finish line!

we did it!

and a big thanks to this big guy for encouraging me and running laps with, I mean around me!