7 months old!

On June 16 our baby turned 7 months old!
I think I say this every time, but man time is flying!
     He can sit up like a pro and is trying VERY hard to crawl. He doesn't like to hold still or sit in one spot and can sure get around by rolling and scooting all over, but he is wishing he could just CRAWL! He has also had enough of his bouncy seat and can now successfully plop himself right out of that thing (unfortunately for his mom).
     He is still eating anything and everything. He wants a bite of whatever and still loved to chew on fruits and veggies through his mesh bag however, nursing is still his favorite! And he FINALLY had his first tooth pop through!

     Sleeping has gone waaaay downhill in the last 2 weeks. He went from sleeping in his own bed and waking up once a night, to sleeping in his own bed for 2 hours, crying out of control where only nursing can calm him down, and ending the night by sleeping in my bed connected to me. The last 2 nights of dealing with this have been miserable! He just can't sleep more than 2 hours in his own bed now! Not sure what's going on, but its making this mom crazy!! And he is a terrible napper as well, will wake up the second I put him down. We have our work cut out for us with the lack-of-sleeper.
     He is still a pretty mellow and quiet baby, not a whole lot of babbling going on or laughing unless he is being tickled. He does love his uncle Heatie though and Heat can make him smile and laugh or just calm down by using a deep voice and saying "hey baby!" Though he's mellow, he is not a cuddler! He will not just lay his head on your shoulder, in fact he doesn't really even like to be help facing in, he likes to face out and see what's happening. And he is busy! His legs are always moving and he is always reaching and grabbing at anything he can.
     Last thing, his hair is looking like it has decided it wants to be red. Or at least a little orange, still mostly blonde, but it definitely has a red hue to it these days!
     He is a handful at times, but he's awful cute and I think we'll keep him :)

Hand. foot and mouth.

     A few weeks ago Nate came home from work feeling sick. He had a fever and was going back and forth between the chills and the sweats. It lasted for about 24 hours and then left him with a terrible sore throat and weird rash looking spots on his fingers, feet, and around his mouth. After visiting the google doctor I diagnosed him with hand, foot and mouth disease.
     If you've never heard of HFM or don't know much about it, it's a disease that little kids usually get and it leaves "blisters" on the hands, feet, and mouth. They don't itch or hurt but Nate did say they tingled and made his grip really weak. Around the mouth it just looks like teenage acne. It's a virus and because of that you just have to let it run its course, nothing doctors can give you to help.
     So the next day Nate said it was the worst sore throat he had ever experienced. I looked in his mouth and the back of his mouth and throat were filled with these awful blisters! It looked incredibly painful! Nate's little brother was getting married in Utah the next day and we debated whether to even go since he was feeling so sick and we didn't want him to infect any of the little nieces and nephews.
     We went to the wedding because after 5 days neither me nor Spence were experiencing any symptoms and Nate was supposedly not contagious anymore. I think he was feeling pretty crappy for most of the trip, but he was a good sport so I even got him a large frosty to help his throat:) And as far as we know no one else he came in contact with got sick, so even though he didn't get to hold or be close to the kids, it was for the best!

one of about 3 pics I took at the wedding.

Pool boy.

Spencer LOVES the water. He went swimming when it was only 76 degrees and his mom was too chicken to get in. He loves to kick and splash and gets a big grin anytime he gets to play in it!