4 months old (edited).

*added stats from 4 month check up are at the bottom

March 16, 2014

On Sunday our little bitty baby turned 4 months old!! He is getting soooo big! He has his 4 month doctor apt on Monday so we will check his height and weight then. Nate thinks he's gonna weigh in at 15 lbs.
We are having so much fun with this little pip squeak and love everything about him!
He is just about rolling over (he did it once but has yet to repeat), he has started drooling like mad, he has tried ice cream and is a fan. He is getting really strong abs and can almost pull himself into a sitting position from laying flat on his back. He is also good at using his arms to push his body way up off the floor during tummy time. He still loves bath time and showers. He still pukes a lot, and he's still bald. He loves smiling and is starting to giggle more too.

This is Spencer and his friend Henry.

Height: 25.5in
Weight: 15.8oz
Head: 16.5in

Nate-ism #18.

(looking at a picture of Nate's brother) 

Lindsey: Hey, that looks like they got engaged at the same place we did only on a trail and not on the side of the road.
Nate: Yea, it does.
Lindsey: Where would you have proposed if I hadn't made you stop on the side of the road?
Nate: I probably wouldn't have.

Spencer says the Pledge of Allegiance.

A few weeks ago, someone we know said that her infant daughter (a month younger than Spencer) had said her first word (and it was a difficult word). Obviously this was impossible but Nate ran with it. He made up his mind to teach Spence the pledge of allegiance, they work on it every day. It goes like this (hopefully I'll get a video soon) 
Nate: Ok, say 'I pledge allegiance'
Spencer: goo gah aaaaah 
Nate: Good, now say 'to the flag'
Spencer: oooogh ahgag
Nate: 'of the United States of America'
Spencer: .......
Nate: 'of the'
Nate: Come on, 'of the'
Spencer: gagoogaga
Nate: good job! Now 'united states of america'
Spencer: gogogag gaaahh agh
Nate: that was 'united states of am...'
Nate: '...erica'...'...erica'

Spencer tries to laugh.

March 6, 2014

This morning was the first time Spencer has tried to laugh where it wasn't an accident. For about 5 minutes he just laid on the floor and laughed at my goofy noises. I was even able to catch the very end with my ipod camera.

Nate-ism #17.

Nate telling jokes to Spencer:

Nate: Spencer, what do you call a cow jumping over a barbed wire fence?
Nate: Udder-destruction.
Nate: Spencer, what do you call a cow that can't give milk?
Nate: Udder-failure.
Nate: Spencer, how many Jews can you fit in a Volkswagen?
Nate: 3. 2 in the front 1 on the back.
Nate: It's not a bad joke.