Halloween in Waynesboro.

     For some reason Halloween here is always celebrated the Thursday BEFORE real Halloween. So this year it was from 6-8pm on the 25. So for this town its already over...weird! Not that it made much of a difference, we weren't going trick-or-treating anyway, but in my mind it should just be November already!
     But our ward had their "trick or trunk" (not to be confused with everyone else who does a "trunk or treat". Pennsylvania has some weird quirks ;) on the Wednesday BEFORE the Thursday BEFORE Halloween (the 23). Since it was on a Wednesday evening I had just assumed Nate would be at work and unable to go like most ward activities, but luckily someone switched him a shift so he worked Monday instead which meant he got to participate! We had heard stories of families in the ward going all out and it being a big competition which we knew we weren't going to go that extreme. But we did have coordinating costumes and a few decorations that funny enough never even made it out of the car. But I thought we looked good. And Nate was a good sport and wore a dress...and carved a pretty awesome pumpkin freehand!

an egyptian pharaoh.

an expectant mummy.

1 year down.

 October 20, 2013
     Our 1 year anniversary came and went! It was pretty uneventful but we are happy to be able to say we have been married for a year now! Our actual anniversary fell on Sunday so we knew there was going to be no big celebration. And Nate worked from 9am-11:30pm the Saturday before. AND he only got home from Idaho at 1am Saturday morning. So there was not much time for anything special. However I did at least TRY to do something a little nice for him (it failed...twice).
     Nate and I's first date was at the Cheesecake Factory and we love their cheesecake! We don't get to enjoy it much since the closest one is now 80 some odd miles away in Baltimore. Well Nate's plane was supposed to land in Baltimore at 11:30pm so I planned it all out and left a little early in order to be able to stop at the Cheesecake Factory and pick us up a slice of pie! Unfortunately, I should have researched a little more because I never could find the darn restaurant!! I drove around the parking lot it was supposed to be in for half an hour until Nate texted me that he had landed and was just waiting for his bag. So I gave up :( He luckily didn't seem as disappointed as I was and its the thought that counts right? 
     So on Saturday while he was at work I thought, I'll at least go buy him a package of Oreo's because they're his favorite and I haven't let him get any in forever. I even went so far as to buy the family size. And once I got home I realized I bought the double stuf kind that he doesn't like!! Fail #2! So I attempted to make Oreo cake balls, which were alright. Not my favorite and they sure didn't look pretty but he ate them so he must have liked them ok, right??
     Nate made my favorite pancakes for breakfast and even did the dishes. He wants credit for lunch and dinner as well, but they were not anything fancy :) 
     It's been a crazy, fun, eventful year with Nate! I've heard people say the first year of marriage is the hardest and as of right now I disagree, but we'll see how I feel after the next year...
     1 year highlights include:
- honeymooning to Florida and the Bahamas!
- Nate had surgery on his foot and was on crutches for our wedding reception.
- driving across the country.
- moving to the podunk town that is Waynesboro. PA.
- explored Washington DC a bit.
- got pregnant.
- made some good friends here fell in love with the ward.
- Nate didn't fight fires for the first time in 7 years!
- I left Nate for a week to spend time with my sister and family in Florida.
- my little brother got home from his mission and finally got to meet Nate.
- Nate left me twice to hang out with my family in Idaho.
- we are hoping to move back across the country.
     The only thing we missed this anniversary is Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake. We went the Halloween we met, and again right after we were married...we will have to find a new haunted house or something similar out here!

A Baby Shower!

     Today some cute friends from our ward threw me and Adventure a baby shower and it totally exceeded my expectations! It was so cute and I personally just loved getting to chat and eat food!
     Paige spearheaded it and she did a fantastic job! The decorations were so so cute and so were the games and everything else. I realized after the fact I never even got a picture with anyone!! So bummed...pregnancy brain at its finest.
     Adventure (and me) got spoiled and we are so grateful to everyone who came and contributed to us!
And because how much can you really say about a baby shower...here's some pictures!

check out the so cute hot air balloons in the corner!

showcasing the quilt Oma made for Adventure.

the super cute cake Paige made!

totally spoiled.

     So Paige had asked me for some baby picture of Nate and I which I didn't have so I asked out parents to email us some. We ended up using them for a guessing game of "Who's that baby" which was fun and these were just my favorites.
my all time favorite picture of Nate I think:)

and this one because if anyone has ever seen Nate yawn...
he still does it just like this, a little crooked.

     And these win the consolation prize...I think they're adorable just we didn't use them for obvious reasons.

Baby dreams.

So pregnancy dreams are super weird. I tend to remember my dreams often, and they're usually weird but since I've been pregnant they have been 10 times weirder and I have multiple a night that I remember.
One from last night I found rather funny and wanted to document.
I gave birth to a walking, talking toddler! And I was SO disappointed!! I was upset that 1- he wouldn't fit into the cute little baby sleeper I brought to the hospital 2- I wouldn't get to just cuddle him 3- he wouldn't breastfeed. I asked the nurse, "does this happen often? that babies are born this late?" I don't remember her response or much after that except watching this "baby" walk around my hospital room throwing a ball.
Luckily my mother assured me this was NOT going to happen. He might be a big baby but not that big!


October 6, 2013

Some friends (well, pretty much our only friends) here asked us if we would be interested in having a camp fire and cooking s'mores. Nate had been bugging me ALL summer to go have a campfire so I was in!
We decided to go as soon as general conference was over on Sunday (still weird to me that it doesn't start til noon, ends at 6 and isn't on regular tv channels!)
Nate and I went up to the state forest (he'll have to correct me on the name but I think it was the Michaux forest??) earlier that morning to scope out a good spot and find some wood to burn. 
It was a very last minute idea so we probably weren't as organized as we could have/should have been.
We roasted hot dogs and brauts. And then of course ate s'mores which was my favorite part!! 
It was a fun night and Nate the fireman did awesome starting the fire and keeping it going. I was very impressed. 
This is the only picture we got the whole night, we were having too much fun talking and eating to remember to take more.
thanks Stewarts for a fun night!

Nate wanted to hunt the next morning and because it was such a drive up there, he decided to just spend the night up there so we didn't waste gas driving back and forth so much. What an adventurer he is! I had a dr apt in the morning so he knew he would have to stick it out until at least noon. And wouldn't you know we woke up to pouring rain! The most its rained the whole time we have lived here. He was tough and stuck it out until I could get back to pick him up. He didn't shoot anything and he was soaked to the bone! He got home and drank a big cup of hot chocolate and took a bath (which I have never known him to do before!) and he still ended up with a little bit of a cold :/