Nate-ism #11

I came home from a relief society activity to Nate lifting weights in the living room without a shirt. I asked him how long he'd been working out, he said about an hour. I asked him if he ate anything for dinner, he said no. I told him to go eat something to which he replied, "I'm working out! Look at my bod."

And here's his girly workout pose :)

Out the window.

As I previously mentioned, my method of nesting has shown up in the form of cooking. And baking to be more specific.
I spent 5 hours in the kitchen today making 4 different kinds of cookies to freeze so Mr. Moeller has treats for his lunches he takes to work. Just to brag for a minute, I made oreos (well, they are nothing like oreos except they are chocolate cookies with cream frosting in the middle), white chocolate cranberry, chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle. I'd say he's set for [hopefully] a few weeks. 
It made a huge mess but I decided the best way to cut down the mess was to not wash my dishes in between and just reuse my mixing bowl...dough is dough, right?!
I was transferring cookies from the baking pan to the cooling rack at one point and I happened to turn and glance out the window and you know what I saw??
The neighbor boy, back to me, peeing on the house next door. It was hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

Nate-ism #10.

I forget exactly what our topic of conversation was, something along the lines of me telling Nate that the milk we drink goes through a big long process before we actually drink it, it's not just fresh from the cow.

So he says, "Well Adventure is going to be drinking straight outta the cow!"

Thanks Nate, that's what 27 weeks pregnant does to you! :)

Only in Pennsylvania...

Do you see a man on a 4 wheeler pulling a lawn mower at a 4 way stop (and I don't mean the riding kind).


A man sitting in his driveway with a shotgun leaned against his chair and drinking a beer. (I think he was hunting?)

Oh how I wish I had pictures!

Things Adventure Likes (that I don't).

Lately I have started craving (and sometimes eating) things that I would not normally choose to eat.
So far the list includes:
- chocolate ice cream.
- salt on everything!
- really fruity desserts (cobbler, apple pie, anything peach or strawberry, etc).
- lots and lots of potatoes (tater tots, baked, mashed, scalloped).
- corn flakes and raisin bran.
- anything with a lot of sugar.

Ok so the last one is something I always want to eat but I've started feeling guilty and like I need to eat more vegetables so I've actually spent a lot of time finding and reading through recipes for new things to try. I've also become very fascinated with meal planning and grocery shopping. I don't know if it's because we're on a tight budget or if it's my version of 'nesting' but I have spent at least 10+ hours this week planning out meals for the next 2 weeks and making a grocery list so we only have to go once every 2 weeks. And just to make it more of a challenge I'm going to try to keep it under $150...we'll see how we do tomorrow!

I actually did my hair today so Nate said I needed to document it...its only been since March!

I also wanted to document this picture from work 2 weeks ago. 
Just some kids covered in shaving cream. 


Nope, not the car. Just my belly button. It has officially 'popped' out. Every time Nate sees it his response is, "oh no, it's getting worse!"

**Nate wanted me to clarify that I do in fact know the difference between and Audi and an outtie.