Nate-ism #9.

eating breakfast this morning

Nate: Well, July's finally over.
Lindsey: Uh...not quite.

The Worst Thing EVER!

     I have delayed making this public as it completely grosses me out and is totally embarrassing! But now that we have the situation resolved, I wanted to document it because someday (not for years I'm sure) we will look back and laugh at the events of our first year of marriage:)
     A little more than a month ago I had a knock on my door from a mattress delivery man looking for some guy I'd never heard of. Turns out he was delivering a mattress to the neighbors above us. Well later that day and for the next week there was a disgusting box springs leaning up against our window and 2 trashed and hideous mattresses in  the basement. We didn't think much of it until a few days later I woke up with itchy red welts on my arms and legs. I chalked it up to mosquito bites although I couldn't remember being outside when they were around.
     After about 3 or 4 nights of waking up to this I started looking into it online. I thought maybe it was some pregnancy side effect but found nothing. Eventually my search led me to believe we had BED BUGS!!!! Once I put 2 and 2 together with the neighbors and the mattresses I knew that was our problem. But Nate wasn't getting bit, or at least not reacting if he was, and we saw absolutely no signs of them so it was really hard to know what to do.
     Every night we would check the baseboards, the carpet, the mattress, the box springs, etc. and we never found a single sign of them! It was so frustrating because I kept getting bit but we were beginning to question if it was really bedbugs! One night while Nate was at work, I was bound and determined to reach a conclusion and low and behold, I found 3 of them and an egg! I was so mortified and repulsed! I was on the verge of tears texting Nate and telling him I found some. They were hidden in a flap on our box spring. I vacuumed them up continued my search very intensely.
     That night we bought bug spray and sprayed the whole bedroom, bed, everything. I also made Nate cut open the box springs so we could search/spray more thoroughly. We bought some stuff called DE dust online that is supposed to be the best bet for killing them as most insecticides don't kill them unless you can spray directly on them. I slept very very crappy for about 2 weeks after that. I would wake up in the middle of the night and jump out of bed and grab a flashlight and tear the bed apart looking for more bugs. 
     I was mostly annoyed because I knew the bugs weren't from us and it meant they were somewhere else in our building. And because right before we moved Nate and I dished out a bunch of money on a new bed that we really didn't want to have to trash.
     I ended up calling the landlord and explaining the situation to her and she was very sympathetic especially with me being pregnant and adamant that I would NOT be bringing my baby here if the problem was still on going. The next week she sent out a pest control company to look around. He agreed that he didn't see any signs of them in our apartment but said he would see if he could check out some neighboring apartments. 
     A few days after, the landlord stopped by to see how things were going and let us know the pest guy was going to come back and spray. She also said he checked the apartment above us and said they definitely had an infestation and that's where they were coming from. That was a relief to me to hear that it was not our fault (I know that cleanliness has nothing to do with whether or not they infest your house, but it still made me feel gross and dirty to know they were getting into my stuff) she told us basically that the people above us are not great tenants and if they have one more issue, he's gone...which would not be a problem for us if they left:) 
     Well, this whole situation really took a toll on me. Like I said, I couldn't sleep at night and being home made me very anxious, I cried a lot but don't know if that was the bed bugs or just pregnancy...probably both. Every few hours I would search everywhere for signs of more bugs. I vacuumed daily and tried to keep any clutter to a minimum. I went full force and bagged up all our extra pillows and blankets and took them to the laundromat to be run through the drier on high for an hour (that kills any bugs). I also made us get rid of our couch. I was so paranoid they were going to spread to any and all of our stuff, I wasn't taking any chances. Luckily we didn't love that little couch and it was cheap so I didn't feel bad throwing it out, and of course I made Nate cut it open and inspect for any signs of bugs...which there were none. After we ran everything through the drier, we kept it in bags just to be safe. In fact there are still some things in bags. I also made us take off all the outlet covers and dust them and then tape over all the ones we didn't need. I bought a mattress cover for our box springs, and I cleaned out both of our nightstands and took them apart and thoroughly washed them and put them back together. Then I went through all our baby stuff, inspecting everything closely before putting it in our nightstands and dusting the perimeter with the DE.
     It has now been over 2 weeks since I have had any bug bites, and we haven't seen any signs of bugs. I am confident that the issue (at least in our apartment) is under control, but I will not stop taking precautions just to be sure. We still have white dust sprinkled all around our bedroom, but I did finally let Nate buy a futon for our living room so we're no longer sitting on the floor. And I sprinkled it with dust just to be sure.
     I have started sleeping better, but some nights still wake up in a panic dreaming about bugs and then I have to check the bed to be sure, but those nights are fewer and fewer. 
     The icing on the cake was yesterday, Nate was out sanding our table (another post) when another neighbor who we had never seen/talked to before came down and started talking to him. I went out to meet her and she asked if we had the bed bugs. I said yes and she got really defensive saying that it wasn't the neighbor above us who brought them it, that it was the girl that lived here before us because she had a dog (oh, no one in the complex is supposed to have pets but the neighbors above have a cat and the landlord told him that cat had to go...we still it daily). And a sidenote, I am now a bedbug expert after all the research I have done...pets do no attract, cause, carry, bring in bedbugs...only humans do! And on top of that, there is no way we could have lived here 5 months and never noticed the bugs until now. Anyway, she went on about how it wasn't his fault and he's a nice guy and the landlord threatened to evict him if there was one more issue and then she said that the noise we hear isn't him either, and blah blah blah nothing was him. Funny thing was we have not had an issue with noise and never once complained about it, so I don't even know where that came from. Either way she was starting to make me mad so I told her, the pest control man told us the bugs were definitely coming from that apartment, we didn't want anyone to get in trouble we just wanted the situation taken care of. Then she changed her story and said,, well it wasn't his fault he didn't know that old mattress he brought in had bedbugs in I thought that was funny. 
     We really don't care who lived here, or what they do, so long as they don't interfere with us and our living peacefully! So that was my rant about bedbugs and what we have been going through for the last month. It has been stressful, and obnoxious, and gross, and time consuming...but we survived and like I said we seem to be bedbug free! Although I won't say for sure unless we can go another whole month...but I'll still probably take precautions because I'm OCD like that. So there is it, our big nasty news is now public. I have held off because I figured people would read this and be disgusted and not want anything to do with us anymore.
     On a happier note, we have started to do some projects that we want finished before Adventure comes. Right now we are in the process of sanding and painting our kitchen table. I would also like to finish a living room curtain, and make some covered padding for our new rocking chair. I also bought the cutest fabric to make a carseat cover. Oh, and Nate has been really happy about this one...I have been meal planning AND actually cooking. I am so domestic.

For those who don't facebook/instagram (ie my parents).

Adventure is 24 weeks and counting!

and for my mom, this is the maxi dress I bought but it fit weird in the chest. So I used my sewing skills and cut the top off and sewed a seam to make it a skirt! Ta da!

Names by Nate.

For whatever reason he believes in naming this baby "Adventure". So we've all embraced it and have started referring to him as Adventure or any variation of that name (Ventch, Ad, etc). Well last night his brother suggested Danger and now Nate is beginning to rethink the Adventure name. I will admit, I'm getting fond of calling him Adventure. And much better than the conversation we had this morning...
Nate: How about Hunter?
Lindsey: No.
Nate: Fisher?
Lindsey: No.
Nate: Scavenger?
Lindsey: (no words, just a blank icy stare).

Quarter of a century.

July 13, 2013

My 25th birthday! Although I kept forgetting all day that it was in fact, my birthday. It of course fell on a Saturday so Nate was at work all day. In the 2 years we have been together we have yet to spend my actual birthday together, ha. I did absolutely nothing spectacular. But I got lots of texts and calls which were very much appreciated. I was especially impressed that Nate's family knew/remembered my birthday. That made me very happy!
My mother in law also sent a package that made it right on my birthday which was great timing! She sent the cutest receiving blankets for our boy and I love them! I was so excited, they are adorable. That was the highlight. I do love baby stuff, even though Nate and I have yet to actually purchase anything for our little guy (we'll see just how long we can avoid that) we have a lot of stuff thanks to our families, and I LOVE going through it and organizing it over and over:)
Adventure is already a very loved little boy.
Such cute blankets!!

On Sunday, in celebration of my birthday Nate made my favorite cake red velvet with cream cheese frosting. He even went above and beyond and made it layered (because he knew I'd get more frosting that way). I was very impressed. My favorite part was when he was making the frosting. He was doing such a great job and I look over as he's pouring granulated sugar into the mixing bowl. I casually said "you know you're supposed to be using powdered sugar, right?" It was actually super funny and the frosting still turned out delicious, it just had a little crunch to it.

Not that we needed more sugar...this was the dessert I made earlier in the week
chocolate pudding, cool whip, peanut butter, oreos, and reeses.

Baby baby, baby.

I always thought I'd be one of the super obsessed girls and go baby crazy and take picture of my growing belly every week, and document everything (besides throwing up), and take pictures of all the baby stuff, and blah, blah, blah. And yea, that totally isn't me. I didn't even take a picture of my belly until I kept getting hassled on instagram for one, HA!
So here we are at 22 weeks and 4 days...feeling awfully well rounded, especially in the middle!

and here's the guy who doesn't get enough face time around here,
just stuffing a kit kat in his mouth.

Did I mention both of our cameras are out of commission...yea, awesome. So all these pics are from my ipod hence the grainy quality. Sorry!

We have the best neighbors.

     This week was the first week since we have been here that it has actually been HOT! It hadn't been above 90 the whole time we've been here so we didn't mind too much the humidity or not having ac.
     Well that changed this week! It was hotter than hot! I believe it hit 98 everyday this week! And the humidity just makes everything/everyone sticky ALL the time. Getting out of the shower is the worst...I hate to put clothes on because I could never completely dry off so they were such a pain to try to wrestle on my body (probably didn't help that they are all getting nice and tight).
     Until now we had been surviving with just 2 fans going all the time and of course opening doors/windows when it cooled off in the evening. Well we almost hit our breaking point when the coolest it got every night was 86 degrees! We couldn't even sleep with a sheet it was so hot! We even took a drive the other night just so we could enjoy the ac in the car:)
     Allow me to digress for a moment, we live in a very old building (we still debate if it was at one point a house) that has 6 apartments, 2 on each story. We are lucky to live on the bottom floor I think. We have heard and seen signs of neighbors, but only ever met the ones right next to us. The man is a skinny little man, probably late 40's-early 50's but smokes so that may make him look older. Has a long beard and tattoos. He is always wearing a cut off t shirt and short. He introduced himself as Steve but the landlord called him Michael, and his live in girlfriend calls him Possum or Possum Steve (he has signs in all his doors/windows that say 'Possum crossing' or something). I think we are going to just start calling him Possum as well:) He has been battling cancer for a few years now but seems to be doing well lately. The girlfriends name is Donna and they have a dog named Pooh (I think?). Anyway, when we first moved in Possum came right over to introduce himself and ask if he could do anything for us. He is just the nicest guy and every time we see him asks if we need anything or if he can help us at all.
     Ok, back to why they are the greatest neighbors, besides the fact that they have been the only friendly ones to us and are constantly wanting to help us, I ran into Donna taking the dog out on Monday and talked to her for quite a while about some recent building issues (which is another topic that someday I will make public). Anyway, we had a good conversation and I happened to mention being pregnant and then never thought about it again.
    Well the next day there was a knock on the door and it was Donna and Pooh. She said they had an extra window ac unit that if we wanted, we could have. I of course didn't want to seem desperate but told her if they really didn't need it we would gladly accept. She said just to send Nate over to get it anytime. Well the next thing I know Possum is at my back door with the ac unit! He said he didn't want to make me have to wait and be hotter longer than necessary. The thing was really heavy too, I felt bad he had to carry it over but I thought that was so nice of them! He also kept calling me dear which I thought was cute. And he told us to come sit out on their makeshift patio anytime we want, we will definitely be taking them up on that! We have LOVED having the ac unit and it is definitely more enjoyable to be at home now.
     I just think they are the kindest people! They clearly don't have a lot and just the fact that they are always asking if they can do anything for us shows how good of people they are! I plan on taking them some cookies or something in the next few days, not like that is even half the payback they deserve!

Nate-ism #8.

(Ok so this was a Nate-ism and Lindsey-ism.)
While driving in the car today.

Nate: You know what I'm really going to enjoy about moving back west?
Lindsey: Del Taco?
Nate: No, Carl's Jr.

Apparently we don't care about being closer to family and friends, living in a place newer than the 1800's, having 2 cars, etc. All we care about is food!

P.S. Nate had never seen the movie Holes. So tonight I made him watch it. I kept asking him "is that how your work does it?" I think he was starting to get annoyed. But he laughed when my dad's favorite part of the movie came on:
Warden as a little girl: I'm tired of this grandpa!
Grandpa: that's too dang bad, you keep diggin'!

He said he could see why it was my dad's favorite part, and he said he could see my dad being that cranky old grandpa someday ;)

Tractor Pull.

Monday July 8,
     The Franklin County Fair in Chambersburg was going strong this week. Nate and I learned there was a tractor pull Monday night and figured we better go since 1- neither of us had been and 2- it was on a night where Nate didn't work so we could actually go together!
     I must admit, the people here are a whole different breed than they are in Idaho. The rednecks in Idaho are MUCH classier than here. And I am being completely serious.
     We enjoyed the tractor pull and had a few laughs. I think our favorite part was the pickups trying to pull...and breaking. They were entertaining and proved that the Dodge is not the toughest truck.

21 week and STILL puking.

I feel like I could write a version of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" only call it "The Very Pukey Pregnant Lady".
Because just when I think there will be no more of this returns.
"On Monday she laid on the couch all day, but she was still puking.
On Tuesday she ate only toast and grapes, but she was still puking.
On Wednesday she slept till noon, but she was still puking."
Ok, so it isn't really this bad and I feel better most of the time. I actually don't think I was sick at all last week!
But like today, we sat down to eat dinner and I was maybe 5 bites in when I asked Nate to please go get the trash can. Up it all came and I felt miserable for a few minutes and then all returned to normal and I went right back to eating.
But 21 weeks and still feeling this?!
and here's a nice and greasy picture of the bump...Nate says I'm huge.

Hershey Park and then the 4th of July.

July 3

For work today we went on an all day field trip to Hershey Park which is an awesome amusement park in Hershey, PA. There are 11 roller coasters and tons of other rides. There's also a huge water park with water rides, a lazy river, wave pool, and 8 water slides.
Since I'm pregnant, I lucked out and got the "scardey-cat group" which was pretty much the kids who didn't want to ride rides and just wanted to hang out at the water park all day. And I was totally fine with that! The kids rode 2 rides on the way to the water park which I just sat at the exit and watched all their stuff for, and then we played at the water park the rest of the day. It rained for about 45 minutes right at lunch time so we just hid under a giant umbrella in our swimsuits and ate lunch. It was also overcast most of the day so even though it was in the 80's it wasn't terribly hot and again, I enjoyed that! I did participate in the wave pool and the lazy river...and the ice cream parlor.
this is just a small part of the water park and these slides are not included in the 8.

The last hour we left the park and went out front to the Hershey factory. We took a tour where we got free chocolate and then spent time buying and eating all the chocolate we could handle! And yes, it very much reminded me of Willy Wonka :)

The drive was just about 2 hours, which wasn't bad. We didn't get home till 7pm so it was a long day but it was definitely fun and not as expensive to enter as I would have expected. Most of the kids who had also been to Disney World said they preferred Hershey Park.

July 4

We both got to sleep in for a little change! Even though we were up by 8:30, it was nice to have a slow morning together for once where we could just eat breakfast and watch tv.
About 10am we rode our bikes to the high school a few miles down the road and watched the parade and walked around the "summer jubilee" as it was called. There were a few games, some food stands, and a bunch of retailers. It was HOT and although I wore sunscreen, I somehow missed my back and it is fried!!
waiting on the parade to start.

We enjoyed the parade and walking around, but this preggo was mostly excited about the lemonade, fries, pulled pork, and strawberry funnel cake that we ate :)

It was also nice to see some familiar faces for a change! I think it felt a little more like home that we recognized some people from the crowd (although truthfully I think they all recognized us first).
We then rode our bikes UP the hill home, it was hard but I accomplished it... and then laid in front of the fan for the next half hour.

Nate of course had to work in the afternoon/evening which was lame as always. Hopefully he got to do something fun at work. We were invited to have dinner and watch fireworks with a family in the ward so I went there for dinner but was worn out and didn't make it to the fireworks. 
Hoping next year to be able to watch some fireworks together...for the FIRST time!