A little green around here.

We have been pretty boring around here lately! The weather got REALLY hot and humid for a few days where we couldn't do anything but sit in front of the fan sweating and watching tv! Hence, we have been pretty boring and had nothing to share.
Our most exciting moment happened last week when Nate was doing some laundry. He's been in charge of the laundry for a while now and he does a good job...usually:) Last week he decided to try something new and threw a green dish towel in with all our white clothes...oops. We ruined a few white shirts and now have a green tint to most of our undies:) We both still laugh about it and it was a good learning experience.


(I need to start numbering these.)

Nate and I have a million things to do to clean up around our house. Yesterday we dedicated today to cleaning up. It's 6:30pm and the most we have done is strip the sheets off the bed. And also, he told me he was waking up at 6am this morning to go for a bike ride. 9:30am and he finally rolled out of bed!

Our conversation this evening went as follows...
Me: Why are we so lazy?!
Nate: I'm not lazy! I went for a bike ride!

Somehow he forgot that he actually DIDN'T go for a bike ride today??


I'm pretty sure at this point in time anyone (if there's anyone left) who reads this is pretty sick and tired of the pregnancy topic.

WELL TOO BAD! This is what consumes my life at the moment.
Today the issue was hunger. No matter what I ate I could not get full and the growling stomach wouldn't go away!
2- painful.

In 1 hour I ate 2 rather large bowls of spaghetti, a bowl of grapes, and an ice cream sandwich...and I was still hungry! I hate it it hurts my stomach and because we are slackers and haven't been to the grocery store in 3 weeks, I've pretty much eaten every last edible thing in this house!

And so I ordered a large pizza. Just for myself...hopefully 7 slices will FINALLY fill me up (I promised to save Nate a slice). This eating for 2 thing just got serious.

And because what's 3 blog posts in a row without a picture, here's one of everybody's favorite missionary!!!!!

34 days!!!!!!!!

and he's even wearing the wedding tie we sent him...awww :)


I told Nate that I did an online Chinese lunar calendar gender predictor (or something like that), and that according to that calculator we are having a boy.
Nate responded with "I always wanted a Chinese boy!"
Insert face-palm.

Baby dreams.

I had my first dream about the baby the other night. It was a girl (I still feel pretty strongly it will be) and she was watching some sporting event with my mom. I don't know where I was but I was looking on from a ways away. Someone asked my mom what her name was and my mom said "Ariel", and the kid didn't even have red hair in this dream, it was actually really dark! Anyway I remember being so upset and running over there screaming "NO! NO! NO! That is NOT her name!" But I didn't know what her name was...very odd but I told Nate about it in the morning and we both agreed we will not be naming our child Ariel.


May 1, 2013.
 Eternity flame.
 lookout tower.
 lookout tower.
 me walking down a million stairs (i had sore calves the next day).
 nate looking down on me from the tower.
 pennsylvania monument.
Nate reading the names on the Pennsylvania monument.
     For a while now we have been talking about driving the half hour to Gettysburg and touring around. We finally had the chance last Wednesday since Nate wasn't working and I was feeling decent. There were a couple museums we could have gone to but I was not wiling to pay $30 this day. It was too nice and I was feeling good so I wanted to be outside. We ended up just doing the driving tour. There are 16 stops and you can get out and read plaques and see monuments at all the stops. I really enjoyed doing that drive and being able to go at our own pace and still seeing all the sites.

I'm afraid I jinxed myself...

I thought my trips to the bathroom were going to become less frequent and still only occurring on Fridays. But after yesterday's post it seems I am mistaken. Today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! I have doubled my trips to the bathroom for upheaval in the last 24 hours alone. I can keep nothing down, even water is not cooperating, and I just feel more junky as time goes on. I wonder if there's possibly something in this old house making me sicker? Because I felt really great in Florida and I have felt worse and worse every day since I got back. Is that even possible or am I imagining things?


WARNING: this post is going to be graphic because I don't feel good and I'm a little annoyed! So if you have a weak stomach or don't want to be disgusted or don't think you will ever be able to look at me the same or just don't care for nasty things then go to the next page, skip, move on, but DON'T READ THIS! Consider yourself warned...

     Something about Fridays does not sit well with me and this baby. I have consistently felt the worst I have felt all week on Friday's. And I have consistently spewed for 3 Friday's in a row now. It's getting really old and I know I should be feeling lucky that it isn't everyday I feel this crappy, but it's really hard to feel grateful or lucky or thankful for anything when I can't even get of the couch because I am just so nauseous! (Ok, I really am grateful that most days I don't puke and I feel well enough to shower and be semi-productive).
     Early this afternoon I was craving chips and guacamole so bad! So naturally that is about the only thing I have eaten today. Plus a small cup of peaches. And what do you know 5 minutes after finishing my peaches, it all wanted to come back up! I booked it to the bathroom and stood over the toilet, my mouth dripping with saliva (tell-tale sign its coming!). Eventually it all plunged out into the toilet (if you're still reading this and aren't sure STOP NOW!) guacamole, chips, peaches, it all came up and it came fast! So here I am standing over the toilet as is normal puking stance, and it all hits the water and splashes back up onto my face and my arms...covered in my own vomit! It was disgusting and when I got the chance I grabbed the trash can instead. G-R-O-S-S! This was the first time I have ever had splash back and it was not a good experience!
     So I washed my face and arms, cleaned up the toilet bowl and felt a little bit better, but only for a minute. I am so over this junky feeling! I don't know how people do this! I am miserable, and I think I'm one of the luckier ones. I guess I'm just wimpy, but I was super ticked off after this particular experience! I do not love being pregnant and I feel terrible saying that! I feel like a bad mom that I am hating this...can it please be November already?!


     This was a trip I wasn't sure if I was going to make it on because the day before I was supposed to fly down I was so so sick! I thought that maybe pregnancy had finally hit me and I was miserable! But thankfully I felt much much better Monday and think I must have just had a bug over the weekend!
Monday April, 22
     My flight was supposed to leave Hagerstown, MD at 7pm but got delayed and didn't leave till after 8. It was an ok flight, I wasnt nauseous but being in the air my stomach felt pinched and cramped the whole plane ride so it was still pretty miserable. But I survived without any big mishaps and felt so much better to be on land! Katie timed her arrival perfectly (even though she almost went to the wrong airport) and met me with a nice big bag of chocolate, water, our first baby outfit, all in a big bowl for me to puke in (I don't know if that was really what it was for). Our drive from Orlando to Gainseville seemed to take forever but it we had lots to talk about so I didn't mind.
     Lucky for me Porter was a little sick while I was there for the week which meant that we took it easy and didn't play too hard and took our time getting up and out the door in the morning. I REALLY appreciated the slow mornings as that was usually when I felt the worst.
     I felt the best I had felt in weeks while in Florida and that was a huge blessing! Katie also introduced me to taking vitamin B6 with half a unisom at dinner time, which is supposed to help with nausea and it seemed to do the trick! The only day I didn't take it was the day I barfed, I don't think that was a coincidence and now I swear by it!

Tuesday April 23
- woke up to this cute face!
- experimented with 'sugaring' the hair off Katie's legs...didn't love it and ended up waxing them instead.
- went to a state park and watched alligators.
- my not even 2 year old camera decided to die for good...thanks canon.
- fulfilled my pregnancy craving of Sonic!

Wednesday April 24
- Katie's friend cut my hair
- went to the farm and watched the boys feed the animals.
- saw 2 giant rat snakes that had snuck into the farm!
- saw a brand new baby lamb get head butted by another sheep.

Thursday April 25
- went swimming at the pool.
- only got a little sunburn.
- went to the museum.

Friday April 26
- went to Fanning Springs State Park to 'dig' and swim.

- puked on the side of the road 1.3 miles from our destination.
- looked like a goon because I wore my shirt just over my shoulders so they wouldn't burn.
- saw lots of fish and turtles.

Saturday April 27
- went swimming at the pool.
- went to the art museum.
- looked at the alligators in the pond/lake on campus, we got pretty close to one of them!
- Katie and I got delicious dessert at Bonefish Grill!

Sunday April 28
- went to church.
- went swimming.

Monday April 29
- woke up to 2 wonderful maple bars! (these apparently do not exist on the east coast and we don't have any donut shops in PA) I have the best sister!!

- packed up all my stuff (minus 1 bag of baby stuff I left in Florida, dangit!).
- drove to Orlando.
- ate Steak n Shake for lunch and it was pretty delicious!
-  cried through security because I was so sad to leave all of them :( and I'm pregnant so I cry over everything.
- airplane ride was a little more enjoyable than the first.

I had a really fun trip and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth but I more enjoyed hanging out with Katie and Lincoln and Porter (even though he doesn't like anyone but his mom).
Lincoln and I played a bunch on the kindle (he calls it the ipad) and curious george on the computer, he likes to say "what do you think of that idea?!", he likes to scare all the lizards, he steals any food I have that he wants, he is suuuuper cute and I can't wait to see them all again!