City of Rocks.


Nate and I made a little trip to Boise this weekend so I could go to Brooke's bridal shower!!!! It was so fun, she is so cute, and I am soooo sad I won't get to be here for the wedding!

Since we knew this was one of our last trips to Idaho we decided we had better live it up! We detoured off the freeway and just took the backroads. It was so much fun and such a change from the monotonous freeway drive! We enjoyed the different scenery and for the most part being the only car on the road! We drove through no name towns with abandoned buildings, past open fields of nothing, and followed all the old wooden signs we could find, finally making it to our destination, the City of Rocks!

Since our decision to venture there was a last minute freeway exit, neither of us was dressed or prepared in anyway to go climbing over big boulders but we toughed it out anyway! My favorite part of this little excursion was thinking we were the only ones crazy enough to try to make it up there in the snow! That being said we had gone halfway up to the campsites and only seen one other car. We both had to pee REALLY bad so we finally just pulled over and went for it. I still had clear vision of the road and yelled to Nate "wouldn't it be funny it a car drove by right now and they totally saw us peeing?!" Nate didn't think it would be so funny...and looked up and saw 3 snowshoers going right on by! We sure mast have given them a show! As we continued up the hill we came across a whole parking lot of cars snowshoeing around! There is a fairly decent chance we were seen by more than 3 people. Oh, and there were functioning restrooms in this parking lot. Ooops. Oh well!

We had a lot of fun driving the backroads and climbing the rocks!

We also saw a TON of deer just wandering around and hanging out in Almo, they were ALL over and so close! It was awesome!

ctr 4.

Today was our first Sunday teaching the 4 year old for our new calling. They were pretty cute and we had a good time although the lesson was WAY over their heads.
The lesson was on the restoration of the church. As much as I tried, they had no idea what I was trying to say and just couldn't pay attention.
So I basically just drilled into them the name Joseph Smith and the fact that he was a prophet. I even tried to teach them to say our whole church name, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". That one was too much. Only one girl got it. Then we let them color.
I made cookies for them what with it being Valentines day this week, and made them all answer a question before they got their cookie.
Once in primary I was really impressed with them. They were way more reverent than I was expecting. They were definitely not the loudest or rowdiest class in their.
Nate had to sit by and contain the most naughty boy which entailed taking away his pictures and then getting tickled.
They boy sitting closest to me kept falling asleep in my lap, then he'd look up at me and say "how many more minutes??"
Overall, I'd say today was a success and we are excited for this calling and hear all the funny things these kids have to tell us!

Church ball.

Nate's been playing basketball with the elders quorum for a few weeks now.
I don't think any of them have ever actually played competitive basketball, they aren't very good.
The only games the team have won are due to forfeit.
Nate's done surprisingly well for never having played either.
Today they played exceptionally well though.
Nate was the leading rebounder (and free throw air baller ;).
But I was impressed with him, he has really improved in the few weeks he's been playing.
However, this is not to brag about Nate.
The other team wasn't much better and didn't have much in the way of height.
They had 1 guy who had clearly played competitive basketball, probably even in junior college or something too.
He was the only guy not wearing a shirt under his jersey, to show off his muscles.
He was intense. Too intense for my liking. He was taking this game waaay too seriously and showing off way too much.
I love a good competitive basketball game, but this guy was driving me nuts. At times I was tempted to yell out "this isn't the NBA!" But his wife was sitting right behind me.
He also had to complain to the ref every time something was called against him.
Nate's team actually played a decent game, they were ahead for quite a while but fell apart in the 4th quarter and lost by 9.
But I just couldn't get over the dude! He was ridiculous, trying to press by himself, plowing over guys a good foot and a half shorter than him, taking the ball all the way to the hoop by himself, shooting a 3 every chance he got, it was just one thing after another.
I'm not even sure if he sat out more than 5 minutes.
Id he wasn't so tall I'd have thought he had small man syndrome.
I thought church ball was supposed to be fun, but this was just obnoxious both to the players and the audience.
Some people just have to be the center of attention.
Maybe he was worried people wouldn't notice how good he was?
Don't worry buddy, we ALL saw you.

the McCall Ice Festival 2013.

I love McCall.
I forget just how much until I go back.
This weekend was no exception...I only wish we could have stayed and played longer!
Special thanks to my grandma for always letting us bombard her house!

what i did man, what i did?!