Too much?

You might think Nate and I are getting pretty sick of each other spending all day every day together, what with us both unemployed.
But you'd be wrong. Minus the part where we can't go out and do anything because we have no money, we are enjoying spending all our time together.
I've even cooked a few decent meals all by myself.
I finished my first little sewing project just in time for Valentines day.
(dont look too close)
Nate's been working on his truck.
And we've been applying for jobs like mad.
But we've still managed to have some fun.
Here we are sitting in a lil fiat, reminiscing of our wedding fiat.
And here we are going to the temple. 
And I will say after two tries this is not my favorite one to go to. 
The workers there are not the friendliest of people...AT ALL!

We have had quite the winter already! 2 ft of snow and its still coming down! 
I'll try to get some pictures of the icicles hanging from our roof 3 stories up, and we can almost touch them!
And no, we have NOT been spending too much time together.
I'd say we spend just the right about:)

Sew crafty.

Over the past few days I have been trying my hand at sewing and it turns out I actually enjoy it!
I still can't cut straight, which means I can't iron straight, which means I cant sew straight, so that's a slight problem but I'm working on it.
We have had the same pillows on our couch since the beginning of December. They are Chrsitmas-y. But 1- we don't have a place to store them, and 2- we like having some decor. So I took on the challenge of making removable envelope pillow covers for them. I read up on, and watched a youtube video and then tried my hand at it. I think they turned out alright and they at least don't look Christmas-y so I think that's an improvement.
Ever since making them I've just had an itch to try something else.
But my options have been limited.
Half the fabric I have is Christmas.
And I also don't want to make a ton of useless stuff.
So finally I just started cutting and sewing.
No pattern, no help, no real idea where I was going with this.
And so far I think it's turned out great!
I'm thinking its going to end up being a table runner? But like I said, there was no real thought process it just sort of happened.
I just wanted to brag for a second...this came out of MY brain!

This year.

This year has not started off as well as Nate and I would have liked. Last Wednesday I was informed that my job was making cutbacks, and since I was the newest employee I was out.
I was pretty bummed, I LOVE what I do there! I love all of my night students! I will really miss them!
My boss has been beyond awesome though. She was WAY bummed and fought for me to stay and is now doing me a huge favor of letting me still work a couple of hours a week, which I totally appreciate. So with that out of the way, Nate and I are pretty much not tied to Utah anymore and ready to go wherever the world takes us!

In other news, something funny happened today. Nate was waiting for me when I came out of relief society today, he said "I heard a rumor about you today." I was beyond confused seeing as I don't know a single person in our ward and he knows...2.
He was sitting in priesthood in front of 2 older gentlemen, when he started eavesdropping on their conversation. They were talking about some lady who was pregnant with twins and how exciting that was so he started listening harder. They finally tapped him on the shoulder and asked "Brother Moeller, we heard your wife was expecting twins, is this true?"
He looked around to make sure they were really talking to him, then laughed out a "no."
Apparently they were really disappointed too.
I have no idea where this rumor originated, but it is definitely false, sorry parents.
Not pregnant...apparently just fat:)

Nate's foot is finally starting to improve. He has played basketball with guys from our ward for the last two Wednesday's and Saturday's. They aren't very good and Nate (who's never played basketball) is by far  the tallest on the team.
In their first game they were losing soundly. They were the closest they had been all game and were still down 12 points. Nate got his 5th foul early in the 4th quarter. One guys teenage kids were sitting by me when this happened. The boy exclaimed "What?! He can't foul out, he's the tallest guy on our team! Now what are we gonna do?!" He was really bummed! It was pretty funny since they were not doing so hot the whole game. 

I decided to try my hand at sewing since I know have just about everything I need (I realized it might be a little easier and look better if I had an iron though).
Just last night I successfully made a rice heating pad all on my own with no direction! I was pretty impressed and Nate used it on his aching back all night long.

That pretty much sums up our month and year! We are ready for February and hoping that it will bring some much better news!
P.S. Today we have officially been married for 3 months, a quarter of a year! It's gone by so fast and yet feels like so much longer! We're still enjoying each other(although that could quickly change with us both being home all day every day!) and having fun experiencing all our "firsts" as a married couple.

Today I...

My mother should be so proud!
I threaded a bobbin, threaded the machine, and sewed all by myself!
Not gonna lie, I am pretty proud of myself.
We don't have very much room in our apartment and because of that I don't have the best set up so my back was definitely tired by the end!
But I actually had fun and am excited for my next project!
Here's some pictures of my first time experimenting with sewing!




We celebrated the new year by:
- skiing at Wolf Mountain.
- wearing our matching Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch tshirts.
- dinner at Costa Vida.
- Nate making his famous hot cocoa.
- and having my best friend Kelli (in town from San Diego )sleepover!
- and i successfully posted my first instagram WITH a hashtag.
[you can follow me at lindseymoeller]

Bring on the new year!