January 2 this baby reached 6 months! Time with him sure flies! He also had his first taste of rice cereal and was not a fan. He gagged on that stuff for a solid 2 minutes. And he gagged and choked on all solids and baby foods every time for the next few months.
After his 6 month doctor appointment we decided his swallow is a little delayed so we were to only give him a bite or two a day to let him "practice".

At 6 months he also started scooting around. And a week later he was "cowboy crawling" (which is still his preferred method of crawling). And by the end of the month he was pulling himself up on furniture and letting go trying to walk! He is trying to rush this whole "being a baby" thing!

In January we got serious about buying a new house. It happened fast and we didn't even think it would really work out. We wanted to stay in our ward because we love it and we love our group of friends here. We looked at one house, negotiated for about a week, and then when the sellers weren't ready to compromise, we walked. Later that day we got a phone call that they changed their minds and we accepted, I think we were under contract the next week?!

Also in January, my friend from high school, Melissa, was in town and brought her dinosaur loving daughter over to play! It was so fun to chat and catch up with her! And Spencer and Jane had a grand old time! Plus it was fun to see her baby and her meet my baby!

 We also made a trip to the aquarium, and started packing and cleaning our little house.

And just some pictures of our cute baby!

Spencer was on a roll this month!

Jan 1
Spencer told me, "I like being nice, that's why I don't like stabbing my friends!"

Jan 4
Spencer: this drink is making my breath smell like ass

Jan 9
I asked Spence what he wanted to be for Halloween, he had lots of great ideas but my favorites were a T-Rex tail and the letter S!
(a lady from our ward commented that Halloween is still a ways away, my response was, "We start talking about it now so he can decide by May, I can plan by August, and then make it the night before" ;)

Jan 15
Last night Spence whacked me on the back so I said, "Owe! That was right in the kidney!" He asked what a kidney was and I explained it's an organ inside your body and it hurts when it gets hit. This morning he came up and snuggled me and pointing to his eyebrow said, "I have a kidney right here because it hurts when I get hit!"

Jan 17
Tonight while trying to snuggle Spencer in his bed per his request: Mom, you're squishing me like a smashed burrito!

Jan 24
"Dead man, dead man in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?" - Spencer

Jan 26
Me talking to Kade: Oh, you lost a sock!
Spencer: It was me. I took his sock off cause I wanted to feel his cute little baby foot!